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Essay about the sports sponsorships

Janyjane 1 / -  
2 days ago   #1

sponsorship in sports events for advertising purpose

People have widely differing views on whether sponsorship in sports events for advertising purpose is necessary. Personally, I think that this trend does more good than harm.

On the one hand, many people claim that spectators or viewers only pay attention to sports events rather than caring about the products advertised. This means that the companies may waste abundant money without increasing the sale significantly. Another reason why people think that sponsorship should not be allowed is that many companies may showcase harmful products such as alcohol or tobacco and as a result, affects people's behaviors. Continuously being exposed to such products, young people may develop an association with them and get addicted to them. The effects can even be much greater considerable when there are millions of people watching those sports events every year.'

However, one deniable justification for sponsoring is that it helps remove the financial burden on organizers and also the sports players themselves, sports events such as the FIFA world cup requires millions of dollars to organize and coordinate and sponsorship covers most of this expenditure. Without sponsors, the spectator's ticket price may become so high that no one could afford and thus, the organizers may go bankrupt. Furthermore not only money, but sports players can also receive lots of equipment which will assist them in performing better. This is also a win-win deal when the companies can showcase their products and conspicuously, the more it appears, the greater reputation it will get. Many sports players these days even have their own fandom and these spectators willingly purchase anything their idols advertise as a way of supporting. Obviously, compared to other ways of media, this can be considered as one of the most effective ones.

In conclusion, sponsorship plays a pivotal role in helping mount an event, and in order to remove all the disadvantages, alcohol and tobacco companies and alike companies should be prohibited to sponsor.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,630 3477  
1 day ago   #2
Make sure that you use a timer when you practice these writing test essays. Set it for 40 minutes then do the following:
- Analyze the topic based on a list of keywords and instructions
- Create 2 sections for the 2 reasoning discussions. List your related topics per paragraph.
- Draft your essay
- compare your content with the prompt requirements and discussion topics / instructions
- Ensure you covered the correct writing points. Revise accordingly.
- Review against the original prompt again. P roofread and apply the final edit.

Using the correct writing process for this test that focuses on clarity and prompt adherence with a chance to correct errors will show that you cannot write an almost 400 word essay in 40 minutes. Long essays do not help to increase your scoring ability overall. Rather, as your current writing shows, it creates a potential for you to make more scoring mistakes.

For example , the prompt paraphrasing needs to reflect the number of discussion topics as allowing you to restate these based on your understanding of the information.This is part of the T.A. score. The lack of this representation lowers that score due to an incomplete prompt restatement. You would have caught that I information if you reviewed the essay properly. Never go directly into a final version. Use an outline first to make sure you don't miss anything in your presentation.

To be clear, you have ample examples provided but that is all. The length of the essay does not provide a fully explained reason or example, which is what this test scores you on. Itis not the length that matters but the clarity, logic, and sense of your reasoning explanations. Just me, you can get a fantastic score with 275 words written and fail the test with 300+ words.

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