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Statement of Purpose : King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

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Dec 31, 2015   #1
Dear reader, I am really pleased if you give me some advice of my Statement of Purpose, since dead line is tomorrow (1-1-2016)

Statement of Purpose:Please compose a statement of purpose (maximum of 750 words) discussing the following three points equally:
1. Past work and preparation in your intended field of study.
2. Academic plans for your graduate study and research at KAUST.
3. How will your experience as a KAUST graduate student further your career plans immediately following graduation, and beyond?

My name is Hasdi Latif. I have taken the Bachelor degree in Science with honors from Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science and Technology, Islamic State University of Alauddin Makassar with GPA 3.81 of 4.00. This course gave me the ability to understand completely and be familiar with a situation and fact regarding mathematics and statistics. My thesis for the completion of study titled "A Cointegration Analysis Of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Against Foreign Investment In Indonesia". Although I needed more time and hard struggle to finish my thesis, all of those have paid with predicate as the best graduate in the faculty. It drives me so proud of especially my parents.

In 2013, a bribery case occurred in Indonesia committed by one of bureaucracy members to obtain a policy of importing beef to Indonesia. As a result, Indonesia's purchase deficit happened, which was caused by importing wrong raw material where it should be focused on infestation. In fact, a quota of beef's import was 34,000 tons, while stock of beef in that time was enough even more with 8,499,679 for female cow and 4,190,260 for male cow.

To combat corruption in Indonesia even other countries, one of the ways is forecasting how many data (the number of beef) existing in the future. So, studying statistics especially forecasting indirectly creates mind set, providing a basic, and guidance that a government or an organization is able to take an important and key decision.

To deal with the case, I am motivated to broaden internationally my knowledge overseas and strengthen my professional skills. I would like to Study more about estimation at Applied Mathematics & Computational Sciences, program master's degree statistics with thesis option, and if possible I am really eager to pursue Doctor of Philosophy.

It is some of my future interest subjects: in statistics of extremes, I dream of studying a dependent time series. The other subjects are data analysis using statistical software, statistical estimation and testing, and theory of statistics (estimators and properties, Bayesian statistics methods of Statistics, analysis of variance). In advance level, I am going to study more about maximum likelihood estimator and the likelihood ratio, and the calculus of M-estimation. During my research, I am really pleased to conduct research with Prof. Marc G. Genton , that I assume he is a supervisor who is suitable with my research and his area.

While I was studying at my university, I became an assistant of mathematics laboratory not only basic but also advance laboratory. I handled students who was practicing in the laboratory, with computation, analysis data by SPSS and Minitab software, programming C++ and Visual Basic, and coding of web side. During my training in central statistical agency of Gowa, a governemnt institution, I became an offical of census of agriculture 2013. My duty in that time was collecting data from a farmer and family who are working with an agriculture field. On the other hand, about English I do preparation very hard on account of the fact that I spend my time studying English approximately two years in far city from my home town, due to my country non English language.

After finishing my master's degree, I would like to continue in higher degree Doctor of Philosophy with more focusing on time series and estimation. After that, I expect to be an expert and lecturer either in my native country or at KAUST. In my country alone, I prefer to be a leader of a statistics project and consultant of statistics. In my country, especially in my previous university, I hope that I will be a lecturer, because there is no Ph.D lecturer in my major until now. The other options are that I am really keen on being a researcher in an industry or a company in Mecca, since as a Muslim I need to worship in Baitullah. It is acceptable reason as one of obligation in Muslim is going to hajj to mecca.

Also, with regard to further career plans, I will continue my current duties as a lecturer and researcher. I realized that as a researcher I have to conducted several independent researches and keep publishing results in scientific and popular events/media.

To sum up, being an agent of world revolution by becoming student at KAUST is really an honor for me. thank you for your golden time.

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