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Is stereotyping a problem in today's society?

Jul 16, 2008   #1
Stereotyping is a huge problem in today's society. It should be stopped in some way or reduced because of bad influence in kids and teenagers. Stereotyping is cruel and easy to make a habit.

First, don't you think stereotyping is painful to some people? Almost all white people think black people are dangerous because they heard from news, friends, videos or advertisements that have been trying to say that black people will hurt you. So when a small group of friends see a dark skinned man, they will avoid him because they know that he is going to harm them. They never knew that the man is nice and not going to do anything with them. Wonder how he felt when he saw them walking away. This may hurt his feeling.

Second, stereotyping is one of the easy habits to make. People used to be told many positive and negative things about something or someone, which may be a stereotype. For instance, one girl used to listen people's negative opinions about a skinny women modeling. Now, she got her own opinion but didn't realize that her opinion is negative because she hasn't heard any positive thing about the model. So go on, she listens to other opinions about something else and got her new opinion that is similar to them. Don't you think that is simple to make an opinion by themselves?

To conclude, stereotyping creates many different problems on media that affect people's thoughts. Without stereotyping, we would learn a lot of truths around the world instead of believing others' thoughts.

I think you've got some good ideas here, but I'm not exactly clear as to what they are. If you can provide a bit more clarification in these areas, I can help you clean them up more.

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