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STOP BULLYING - Argumentive Essay

AlexRomero 1 / 1 1  
May 28, 2013   #1
Hello! I'm in my first year of college and I'm just starting writing papers, and I'm not pretty good as you can see, so I really appreciatte your help with this one, an argumentative essay about the bullying. Thanks you so much!


Verbal and physical aggressions occurs constantly in children and adolescents at school and many people have been affected by this. For this reason, bullying is the main theme of my essay.

Bullying is any willful, conscious behavior intended to hurt another person, either physically, verbally, or by intimidation, isolation or cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is a new form of bullying. It happens over the Internet by computer, mobile phone, or other electronic device. It usually involves nasty words or pictures about someone, or spreading lies about the victim on the Internet.

It develops when victims don't defend themselves or don't make known the fact because they are afraid and fear future punishments or damages.

Victims usually remain silent because they believe that the bully can like them. In addition, victims think that teachers of school can't stop the bullying once it starts and they neither want to worry their parents, nor betray his classmates. Even they come to reckon they are the problem of everything.

In general, bullying appears in all sorts of schools. It is not restricted by any factor of race, gender, class or another kind of natural distinctions.

It should be differentiated between several types of bullying: sexual, verbal, social exclusion, psychological, physical, among others. In all these cases of bullying, there are always three main roles: The bully, the victim and the onlookers.

As a rule, the bully has an aggressive and provocative behaviour, he can't put himself in the position of the victim, he lives in an unemotional and unfamiliar environment and moreover the bully hasn't empathy. According to experts, a boy can become a bully when he wants people to do what he wants, when he likes control about other children and even if the bully has suffered bullying during his childhood.

Typically, victims haven't skills to react to bullying due to his shame, conformism and furthermore, they are usually less social, sensitive and fragile than other people. As a result it causes them insults, threats, aggressions...

Bullying tends to increase during childhood, peak in adolescents and then gradually decrease in adulthood. As well as, physical attacks are less frequent as children get older. In part, if intimidation continue until the last stages of adolescence, it may become a serious problem. Therefore, it should be solved as soon as possible in order to cause the smallest consequences.

First of all, it must convince the victim to asking their parents or their teachers for help and report the situation. If he doesn't want to collaborate, the situation becomes more complicated. To help him, he needs to know that he can rely on the help of adults at any time and thus to overcome this situation.

For this purpose, it is essential support and friendship from family, friends and teachers. To this must be added the importance of professionals as a psychologist.

In conclusion, anyone of us might suffer this type of problem, if we haven't a well established self-esteem and we accept the intimidation. These disorders are difficult to resolve, mainly if the bullying started at childhood, inasmuch as their victims have many serious difficulties to overcome it. In addition, people who surround the victim have an important role in the process and solution of the problem, which if it is not resolved in time, can lead even to suicide. The family education and the willpower of each person is indispensable in order to overcome this syndrome.

Unfortunately, bullying is a buzzword due to the innumerable cases of aggressions that there are currently in schools and many situations of adolescents and children that we see daily all over the place. The most important thing is not kept quiet and denounce once it is known.

So, we can change a lots of victims' life.
ultra prcrstn8r 1 / 3  
May 29, 2013   #2
good work so far, I would keep paragraphs between 3 to 5 sentences on average. One sentence paragraphs feel more like a casual web blog than a well written academic essay.
jkjeremy - / 380 72  
May 29, 2013   #3
I mean this to be helpful...

Is there time to change topics? There isn't a teacher or reader in America (or the world) who isn't tired of "bully" essays. Probably the most important part of quality writing is telling the reader something he doesn't already know.

You don't say much that's new about this subject.
OP AlexRomero 1 / 1 1  
Jun 14, 2013   #4
Anyone can delete this essay from here? I'm having trouble with my teacher...

Thanks in advance!
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Jun 15, 2013   #5
Anyone can delete this essay from here? I'm having trouble with my teacher...

Yes, it's only you can delete your posts. Since you have already got comments from others including moderators, you now need to purchase one or with credits. Follow this link to get more information regarding this: essayforum.com/faq/.

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