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The story of "Hunters In The Snow" - an essay on arguing from experience

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Sep 17, 2008   #1

I am trying to figure out if I am on the right path with this paper.. Writing is not my strong point..

These are the objectives:

To argue a clear position on a complex issue addressed in a work of literature.
To integrate reasonable and varying evidence from experience, knowledge, and the reading selection.
To write an essay that is thoroughly developed and logically organized.
To use quotations from the literature effectively and properly; this includes citing the quotations and typing a Works Cited page.
To achieve a tone that is both personable and academic.
To utilize the writing process - inventing, writing, revising, and editing - from start to finish.
I have chosen to do the story of Hunters In The Snow. The author of this story, Tobias Wolff, was born in 1945 and has written many stories including this one. The story I am covering includes three friends that are going hunting on a snowy day. This paper will include certain areas of the friendship that could have been handled different, state how my life and other lives that I have witnessed co-assist.

In the story, Tub starts off in a bad mood. I believe it is due to the coldness and the snowy weather. At other times Frank has his own attitude too. I did like how Frank told Tub "If you want to piss and moan all day you might as well go home and bitch at you kids. Take your pick." I always believe that we wake up each day and we get to choose our own attitudes. How hard is it to go through life with this mindset and just tell ourselves that today is going to be a good day? Even if one has tests for the day, why can't someone just overlook that test and state that it is just something that happened and I am not going to let it bother my day. Sure I have my bad days but I can only learn from the mistakes or tests that I have been put through, but I know that I cannot go back in time to change any decisions that have been made. I know that I am going to go through life not always making the best choices, but I will definitely learn from it so that it does not happen again. Choosing one's attitude or learning from the mistakes, can only make us live life to it's fullest. I feel that these three men could have done that to start their day and it would have been a better outcome. Maybe Tub could have caught his deer that he has done every year since he was fifteen years old.

As stated above, I have gone through life with making it full and not pondering the past. Sure I have friends that try to either bring me down or try to test our friendship as Tub, Frank, and Kenny did on the snowy day. I can either pay more attention to what that friend is to me and outweigh what they are in my life or I could just fire back at them with the same attitude and may lose a friend. I just do not see why someone would have to nag at another person. That brings resentment and a defensive mindset to the one that receives the nagging. I see this throughout the story. I understand that we all do not listen at times but after reading situations on the internet or watching television, if one would just tell them in a conversational voice then we would get it through our thick skull what we are doing wrong or what changes could be made. I believe friends are a dime a dozen. You have your close friends or you have your friends that you associate with only at certain times (i.e. work, church, school, etc.). Going through life individuals are going to be gaining different friends as well losing some of our old friends. We do not want to ever lose our friends because of nagging or pondering on issues that we cannot go back and change.

By the end of the story, each character was getting along with one another. They were opening up with one another. When Frank told Tub "I think I am going to be leaving Nancy." Tub and Frank were able to hold a very meaningful conversation. Tub was even there for him on his thoughts, giving him feedback. As this story goes on, one starts to notice that the friendship is becoming stronger and stronger. If we could only take this into our personal life whether it is our spouse, family member, or friend. If one has lost their contact with any of them, they can easily be asked "how is life" or "can I help with anything?" You never know that you may be the thing that they needed for that day or that time in their life. Why do we not do this on a common ground? Is it because we are scared what that could put us through in life? Are we too busy in our own life to notice others in our life? We need to take that chance if we really care for that person.

After reading this story, it makes me think more of what we have in our life. Kenny did not know that he was going to be shot that day. It leads us to believe that Kenny lived his last day with two friends that started the day off shaky but ended by helping a friend in need. What is interesting is that they all were in need of help from each other. We have one life to live and during this life we will make mistakes. I believe we need to live this life to the fullest. It will pass us by too quickly and you definitely do not want to go through that time, wish I did this or should not have done that or could have done this. That is one reason I went back to school. I feel that I want to improve my life and help others that are in need. But in the same hand I want to make sure that I am covering all of my basis in my life to make sure that I am making the proper choices and not regret anything at a later time.

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