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Story about a sick person getting recovered from his cancer throughout my help.

amandarailey 1 / -  
Sep 2, 2015   #1
one day as i was returning from my usual boring newspaper editing job, i got a request, through cellphone call, from a hospital, if i was able to pay for this person, which i had no idea of whom he was and where he's from, i got worried and taught it might be one of my family relatives, so i hurried up to the hospital and quickly got a cab, after a few minutes, i reached there, i called back on the same number and it was a guy telling me to come on the fifth floor, as i went into the lift shifting my self through the people, and reached fifth floor, and was approaching to room number nine, as soon as i opened the door and saw a bunch of people surrounded by one man , and taught he might be getting strangled by such many people and told everyone to get out ASAP, as soon as everyone got out, the guy thanked me and said that please help me you're the only person i have known till now, i saw him in the editing section part and then i recognized him, and told him that it was no problem with me, and he got happy and thanked me, i was just pity about him. was it the right thing to do?
Zahra ahmad 2 / 8 2  
Sep 2, 2015   #2

At first, i want to congratulate you about your humanity.
I found your writing interesting but i want to tell you to use full stops between sentences.As you know, Full stops are used to indicate the end of sentences which are not questions or exclamations.

Furthermore, in line 3 and 8 i guess you should have written thought instead of taught (search about their different meanings.think: p.p thought & teach: p.p taught ).

In addition, capitalize and make a little space in the beginning of your writing.
Finally,bunch of people may not be formally correct , group of people is much more common and appears to be uncontroversial in usage.

Best wishes!

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