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Student behave badly these days. Why occurs? Give solutions

htnanh2310 2 / 2  
Feb 12, 2020   #1

pupils' wrong behavior at school

Schooling environment nowadays is facing with the problem of students behaving badly in and outside of school. Although students are provided with better accommodations, based on their trend in behaviors, they seem to have worsened in recent times in the way they act. This hot problem has an immense consequence on students at the moment and will have a high chance of affecting the next generation. As a result, it will ruin the society up since students are the main sources to build the world. Therefore, solutions must be carried out to prevent students acting this way.

Students or the victims of poor behaviors are the only ones that know best about their reasons behind the way that they're acting. Firstly, parents play the main role in building the foundation for their children, which hugely impact on the child's moral. If parents can completely construct the concrete base, their children would get higher chances to become upright citizens. Nonetheless, parents are currently snowing under paperwork and have no time for family interactions. Parents who are overworking, instead of spending time with their kids, they are rather too focused on making a living. Ultimately, their children are left suffering from being less concerned, specifically, on their feelings and strange behavior. Secondly, some only-childs are being overindulgent by their parents with perfectly met demands and other requests. Because of always being used to getting what they want, privilege children would have no respects for their teacher when entering school, and it is harder and more time consuming for the teachers to deal with. Lastly, a lack of opportunities given from school is preventing students from improving themselves. Some schools are provided with poor facilities, like having no places for athletic or art activities, thus, making it hard for students to make improvements, and discover themselves. As a consequence, it has given students more chances to imitate the social evils, speaking foully or doing drugs, that can contaminate their behaviors and sense of morality.

It is the peak time for the number of poorly behavior students. Families, schools and students must overcome these struggles together. First of all, parents should limit their time on works and spend more time on their children in order to help them to have the sense of being taken care of along with the authority of their guardians. The attention from parents play a vital role in students' attitude. It is a form of love showing, and a moral mirror which orients the students' path in the future. Moreover, parents do not need to complete all of their children's demands and should create more chances in building an independent life. Thirdly, the government has to pay more attention on school's facilities in order to offer better learning conditions for all of the student and help them to be distracted from the bad behaviors. Besides that, teachers need to be given more teaching methods to guide or reorient the student's way of behaving.

Students are the hope of our future. To assure this hope to become a reality, necessary supervision and aiding the pupils' wrong behavior back on track as soon as possible is very important. If these solutions are carried out, children's behaviors can be significantly improved.

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Feb 12, 2020   #2
Since I don't know your whole question, I'll just be pointing out the grammatical errors.

Para 1-
"provided with better accommodations" - student's behaviour is not linked to his/her accommodation only.

Para 2-
"would gethave higher chances"
"snowing under paperwork"
"they are rather too focused on making a living"
"their children are left suffering from being less concernedneglected, specifically, on their feelings and strange behavior.for the love and care they crave for"
"overindulgent"- correct word-overindulged
"privilegeprivileged children would have no respects for their teachers"
"time consuming for the teachers to deal with such students"

Para 3-
"It is the peak time for the number of poorly behavior students" - No need for such statement.
"their time on works"
"more time onwith their children "

Talk more about the role of teachers in student's life and you can also add about the people students hang out with which moulds their behaviour.
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,598 2499  
Feb 12, 2020   #3
Since you did not provide information as to whether this essay was written as an exercise for a specific English test or if you are just writing a simple English class exercise, then the only review that you can be given is one that looks into the general grammar rules. For this exercise, I will assume you are writing in British English and review your work based on those requirements.

You have made several spelling errors. You need to recognize that there are grammar and spelling differences between British and American English words and grammar rules. Therefore:

(American) behaviors - (British) behaviours

Try to remove terms that show uncertainty in your writing. Since this is not a comparison essay, all your words must come from a position of support and strength for what you want to say. Also, regardless of whether your are writing in British or American English, you should never use contractions such as "they're". Always spell it out (they are)

These are just a few of the grammar rules errors that you have in your essay. There are more I can talk about but I need to know exactly what kind of English exercise your essay writing is being used for. Please let me know the next time you post here for a review. Thanks.

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