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IELTS essay -- should students attend private schools

bingle2012 7 / 11  
Jul 15, 2012   #1
The number of private schools and the number of students attending them have increased over the past two decades in this country. Despite this, I do not think privately-funded schools are necessarily superior to public ones in terms of all-round development of students.

It is true that students' academic performance is usually better in private schools. This is mainly because the teaching there is generally more academically oriented. While the quality of universities can be relatively easily evaluated with the employment rate of graduated students and their salary levels, the only clear criteria to compare primary and secondary schools is how well their pupils do in exams. Therefore, in order to attract more students private schools tend to implement curricula that involve more academic activities.

As a negative consequence, however, children studying in private schools are less likely to have sufficient time for other physically and psychologically beneficial activities. For instance, courses on sports and music have been removed completely from the curriculum of some schools.

Furthermore, as most private schools are also board schools, going there can mean the reduction of time for family communication to a worrying level. Although it can be argued that children can learn to be independent by living in schools, serious problems such addiction to computer games and unruly behaviors may arise, especially for primary school students. They are just too young to be left unattended after school hours and not under supervision of parents. In addition, family bonds would be more difficult to maintain in those children's families.

Overall, while there are some academic advantages to attending private schools, they typically come at the cost of children's growth in other aspects and family ties. So, although this may not be always the case, parents do need to be careful when they decide to send their children to a private school.
smogito 4 / 7  
Jul 15, 2012   #2
Just try to use other synonyms for public and private school. Well done!

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