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TASK 2: More and more students choose to study abroad to have a better education and environment

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Dec 2, 2021   #1
People say that a country will benefit greatly if its students study abroad.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this day and age, more and more students choose to study abroad to have a better education and environment. Besides that, there are many contradictory ideas surrounding this topic, whether it is good for the home country or not. From my perspective, I believe that it would partly leave the motherland some certain detrimental disadvantages.

Nowadays, students have an inclination to choose to study overseas, mainly because they do not totally believe in the national education to foster them in career and logical thinking. Some developing countries do not have enough facilities as well as the professional knowledge to provide for their citizens with a good salary and wonderful environment, so when they have the opportunities to access education in developed countries, they opt to emigrate there to have a better future. I totally agree with this argument, as there are obvious cases that I have actually seen, as the citizens of a country decided to permanently live in a new nation after studying abroad. For example, the Vietnamese champions in a knowledge-about show - Olympiad, when they had been provided a scholarship to study in Australia, almost chose not to come back to Vietnam, earning a living, but continue staying in their host country. This phenomenon makes the whole country lose its own genius, leading to the regretful statement, which is brain drain.

On the other hand, not all the knowledgable study-abroad students are the same, some of them determine that they want to study abroad, broadening their horizon of knowledge, then coming back to their country to promote its evolution. I am also in support of this, but there are not too many cases to make me believe that the country would be benefited, compared to the disadvantages it has had. Taking Ms. Luong Phuong Thao for example, one of three Olympiad champions chose to come back to Vietnam to work among 19 ones. Those studying abroad are who absorb the innovations of the international and professional environment, knowing how to improve the weaknesses of a country that a normal person could not see, actually helping the country to level up their accreditation, but a bad status quo that only a few of them return to their mother countries.

In conclusion, I think that the study-abroad student would bring some risks to the country, such as brain drain, but we could deny that there are some of those overseas graduates who can serve as catalysts for the economic advancement of a nation
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Dec 2, 2021   #2
When I give a student advice in an essay to help improve his writing abilities and scoring potential in the IELTS essay, I expect to see the advice provided in the next essay. That means, the student must learn from his previous errors through my corrections. This is shown to me by the student through the application of the specified correction notes. I do not give advice simply for posting in threads. I expect the student to pay attention and apply the corrections accordingly.

This presentation still contains the same vital errors that I already requested you to correct in your previous essay. Therefore, due to the same nature of errors, I will not be giving you corrective advice on this essay. I do not repeat advice that I have previously given. Additionally, since you have proven that you choose not to listen to my advice and notes, you will no longer receive corrections from me at this forum.

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