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More and more students are choosing to study at colleges and universities in a foreign country.

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Aug 14, 2019   #1

study abroad phenomenon

In this globalization era, it can be seen that students choosing to access the education in foreign countries are on the increase. Nevertheless, there are two sides for this case because its benefits and disadvantages toward students.

The drawbacks of studying in different countries cause the stress for pupils. Living abroad means they have to manage their life by themselves; doing housework, homework, lunch, ... without the care of parents. Hence, they will be suffer from the feeling of homesickness, isolation, depression, and even anxiety disorders. Some learner, in a new horizon, they can not demolish linguistic barriers, which leads to a lack of communication with others, they alienate themselves from the communities. Another problem is high costs of living in the modern cities is never easy with people who living in developed countries. Students need to pay for renting accommodation, transportation and so on.

In the other hand, studying in a prestigious university can open up a new horizon of a rich variety of opportunities for students to access a better curriculum. Therefore, when they come back to their own countries or staying abroad, they will be absolutely competitive with others because of their enormous knowledge. Other reasons why people always want to study overseas are the chances to challenge themselves with a new language and can have beautiful friendships with native people, which will help them in the future. Some of the pupils who living abroad do not need to cope with the high costs of life due to the scholarships; they also can do extra work to earn more money to support their study. After all, when students live independently, they can learn to be master sophisticated social and to be mature with a large of experiences collecting through the duration out of home.

In my perspective, studying in different countries is a perfect occasion for us to challenge ourselves, and find out what we really are, who we want to become. That is the reason why i am a solid advocate of the idea studying abroad has more benefits than drawbacks.

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Aug 14, 2019   #2
In this globalization era, it can be seen that the number of students choosing to ... countries who study aboard are on the increase.

Your introduction in the first paragraph will be better if you write your thesis statement after paraphrasing the question.

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