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Nowadays students are not likely to choose science subject for studying in many countries

willu 1 / -  
Apr 27, 2022   #1
IELTS Test - Task 2

It is observed that in many countries not enough students are choosing to study science subject.

What are the causes? And what will be the effects on society?

Nowadays, it is experienced that students are not likely to choose science subject for studying in many countries. This can stem from many causes, which can give rise to several issues.

There are a number of factors responsible for reasons why science subject has not been chosen by students. Firstly, science subject brings numerous difficulties to students. It demands they a good memory with a wide range knowledge, which make students can hardly approach. As a result, students, especially those who reckon that science subject like biology, chemistry, ... is not suitable for them, they may feel tired and do not get anything left in their brains after being lectured. Another cause could be that science subjects are not necessary in these days. Nowadays, jobs do not require the science knowledges than back in the day, so that students tend to choose another way to gain their learning by others easier subjects.

Doing this, however, can lead to several problems. First of all, jobs that require other subjects or social knowledges could be more competitive. Most students choose soft subjects to study because it does not demand a large amount of knowledge, and after graduation, they compete with each other to look for a job. Consequently, it will lead to an increase of unemployment rate in the future. Another issue could be that career would be more imbalanced. Social jobs like business, education, ... will lack job opportunities for students. On the other hand, scientific jobs like investigation, doing research ... will become redundant in the future.

In conclusion, students does not choose science subject to study for several reasons and this can result in a number of issues.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,686 4117  
Apr 27, 2022   #2
The prompt restatement has an unchanged phrase from the orginal text that will negatively affect the TA scoring consideration. The prompt restatement must be a totally new telling of the given topic. By presenting it within the measures of your own understanding, the examiner will be able to assess and score your basic English comprehension skills. A major part of the comprehension consideration is connected to your direct response to the given questions as well. The lack of proper summarized responses to the questions does not help with the necessary comprehension assessment. Repeating the questions shows a paraphrasing ability. It does not prove comprehension skills.

The writer shows a lack of proper sentence structuring skills. His GRA score will be adversely affected by his incorrect use of punctuation marks. Proper education with regards to how punctuation macks are used is a must. He must understand that punctuation marks are used one ata time. These are never used successively in a sentence.He will receive a failing score in this section that will prevent the essay from receiving a final passing score.

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