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Students should study the science of food or learning important subjects? Discuss

susu1145 1 / -  
Oct 17, 2021   #1
IELTS Writing Task 2:
Some people think students should study the science of food and how to prepare it. Others think students should spend time on other important subjects.


With regard to the enhancement of education, there is a great deal of submissions being made to the study program for students and the subjects included therein. While some argue that the science and preparation of food should be added into courses, others insist on giving priority to more important subjects. This essay will analyse both views and argue in favour of the latter.

To begin with, the experiences which the science of food brings are valuable. Firstly, scientific knowledge about food encourages students to take a health-conscious approach to their dietary patterns. Because when students understand how food constituents like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, affect their physical condition, they may become more willing to adopt a balanced diet in preference to fast food. Moreover, possessing a solid understanding of food and cooking can ensure not only general well-being but also serve as a basic survival skill. Students who are proficient with culinary skills will be more capable of adjusting to living on their own. For instance, they can make their own food without either readily available dishes at homes or processed foods at convenience stores.

On the other hand, the students are dedicated to the formal majors selected by governments and institutions that carry advantages. The primary goal of school education should be to prepare students for one pivotal end that is the university entrance exam. This means placing more emphasis on compulsory subjects like Math, Literature and English, which are practical subjects for evaluating students' performance. Furthermore, the academic subjects can provide an individual with the foundational knowledge to smoothly transit into a professional working environment. For example, logical thinking acquired during math lessons and critical thinking fostered by literature are prerequisites to nuanced problem-solving skills.

Overall, despite the several benefits offered by the incorporation of food science into students' curriculum, I am in favour of the opinion that students should devote their time mainly to core subjects.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,028 4247  
Oct 18, 2021   #2
argue in favour of the latter.

A properly structured restatement + opinion paragraph does not need to repeat the discussion instruction. Rather, it will provide a direct response in accordance with the 3rd requirement of the presentation, your personal opinion. You already indicated that both views will be discussed when you restated both sides of the discussion. So all that is left to comply with the task accuracy section is the statement of your opinion. You lose points when you do not directly address the prompt discussion requirements.

am in favour

Since you used the 3 paragraph format for this discussion, as you did not agree or disagree immediately with the public opinion, this statement must have been presented as the 3rd paragraph of the discussion. It must contain the same fully developed explanation as you presented with the public opinion to properly explain how you developed your supported side. It is not given a score when made a part of the concluding summary. The concluding summary is a recap of the 3 discussion paragraphs. It does not recieve a score when it contains a new topic that requires further discussion development such as, your personal opinion.

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