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Study English in an English-speaking Country is the best ?

Doanhty 2 / 1  
Nov 11, 2013   #1
Studying a language is a great advantage for our lives. If we can learn language like English,We can communicate with many people from many where .Studying English in an English-speaking country such as Britain,America,Australia is better but it is not only way to learn English.

In the first place,Studying overseas give you many chances to practice your English skills by communicating with native speakers. It is obvious that in order to perfect English skills as your second language you need an English-speaking environment where you can practice your English skill everywhere in anytime in the most effective and convenient way.Living in a country where people living there use English in their daily communication encourages you to use English everyday. You cannot use your language to talk with others from different countries. You have to use English,which is common language between you and them. In order to communicate with them that forcing you use English very actively. I think that it's the best way to learn a new language. You spend more time for communication and talking,your English will be better. Secondly,you can access gigantic libraries and modern labs which can't easy appear in your country. Not only that, you can study with well-known professors and lecturers so you can receive more pratical skills and deeper knowledge. Listening to your professors in your classes , talking with your friends before and after school,reading books and do your homeworks ,from that you can have one more times to perfect your skills. Thirdly, It's is undeniable that studying English includes not only applying grammatical rules,remembering vocabularies,reading or writing assignments but also understanding the culture of native speaker in the country you are living in.Knowing more about their culture will bring you more chances to understand them as well as choose a better way to express your ideas that they can easier to understand you. You can not integrate into them if you can just say something boring and rigid, It will be interesting if you can understand that they are joking after that you can choose a joke return to make them laugh and you can see that the culture barrier will be suddenly disappeared suddenly.

Finally, I would say that studying English in an English-speaking country is very good but is not the only way to improve your English skills. English is the international language so the English study is now popular and available in almost country,it is taught from elementary school to university so student can master English grammar,reading and writing. Besides learning English at schools or universities you can join in some English class,English Club or English forums in local areas or over the internet to practice English. In addition,there are many books,stories,magazines and documents writen in English in the bookstores or in the internet. You can easy to got them and you can improve your English skills very easily and conveniently without studying English overseas. Furthermore, studying English at your home country is less stressful than doing it in foreign country because you can near your close friends ,your family and you must not care about pressure of culture barrier or accommodation fee and tuition fee.

In conclusion, although learning English in an English speaking country brings many benefits to students, but it is reasonable that you can improve your English skills in your country if you study hard and regular practice.
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Dec 8, 2013   #2
There are few things you should follow if you intend to get others attention to your writing. First, include the purpose (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE etc.) in the title so that others get a better idea about the purpose. Second, include the prompt in the essay. These would help you earn more meaningful feedbacks.

If we can learn language like English,We can communicate with many people from many where .

If we can learn a language like English, that helps us communicate with many other nationals because English is an international language.
Studying English in an English-speaking country such as Britain,America,Australia is better but it is not the only way to learn English.
happyzoan - / 1  
Nov 24, 2014   #3
English Speaking Practice with natives


I'm looking for websites where you can buy English speaking practice sessions with native conversation partners. Do you know of any? I want to speak more than grammar and vocabulary.

So I far I have seen spokenenglishpractice which one of my friends have used with good results. They start at $199. I'm looking for something cheaper if possible.
alan1213 1 / 5  
Nov 24, 2014   #4
I think you can try this. " americanaccent " I've try it before, it shows you how native speakers speak. The accent, the flow, and other materials.

Hope this could help you

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