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IELTS; Study foreign language in primary school or middle school?

mingming 2 / 5 1  
Nov 9, 2013   #1
As globalization expands every corner of the world, to be competent in other languages show great benefits in some aspects of life such as applying for a job in international company and traveling abroad. Thus foreign language courses are opened in most of the schools to help students to be equipped with such skill. Well, when comes to educational issues, experts always discuss the best time for children to start to learn a foreign language. And some of them suggested that it is better for children to start it in primary school than in middle school which I generally agree with such idea.

It is commonly understood that the longer you learn a foreign language, the more proficient you become, it stands to reason that the benefits become more important the longer you sturdy another language. So the advantage of starting children learning a foreign language is significant. At younger age, children usually learn things by mimic which is one of the most important skills in the first stage of a language learning. You always can find young children can pronounce most exactly as what they heard. As said, they just like a empty vessel and accept whatever is poured in. In primary school, pupil have more energy to focus on foreign language study for their schooling subjects are less than in the middle school. What they learn in early period, can open them to a better global understanding, so the learning of a different language and culture further that develop greatly. help them obtain a general idea about such language which indeed make it easier in further study in middle school.

There are still some disadvantages to open a foreign language study in primary school. One is comprehension which matters a lot when comes to learn some grammar. It is quite hard to let young children to understand such abstract part of a language. Another one is that it may give pupil too much pressure to learn a language which totally different from their mother tone.

Well, over all, obtain a foreign language is a tendency all of the world which is better to begin to start in primary.

Pahan 1 / 1,907 553  
Nov 9, 2013   #2
Overall, I feel you need to attend to your essay structure. Your first body paragraph seems to be too detailed and expanded and the second one is too short. Also, they don't contain specific examples which is a requirement of this task and they would certainly help you achieving a good score. This is the structure dumi (the moderator) suggests for this task and I feel it is pretty logical and helps you earn a good score.
OP mingming 2 / 5 1  
Nov 10, 2013   #3
Thanks so much Pahan. I really struggle with my writing but I think I will come over it. Thank you for nice sample which is so useful.

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