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Study individually or in group - IELTS taks 2 : discuss both view

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Jul 15, 2019   #1
i'm learning IELTS at home and i'm bad at writing skill. I really appropriate that you give me feedback. Many thanks, amazing people

learning alone on with a company

TOPIC: Some people believed that students should study at school are better than studying in group . However, others argue that student study at school are better than they study on their own, Discuss both view and give your opinion.

At school, every students have their own way to study like learning by myself on learning in a group, While some people think that it's better for student to learn independently. I agree that learning in a group has more beneficial.

On the one hand, it is believed that no sooner on later,young people will have to work independent so school should use learning for their own method, Children will able to solve the problem by myself and they can have their own experiment after the mistake, In addition, it take less time in studying alone than studying in a group . For more details, pupil who can finish the exercise fast can learn more than the one with slow speed. this way is very flexibel for both teacher and students to save the time and study in variety of ability.

On the other hand, teamwork is one of necessary skill in every job, it is better to prepare that skill since children have learned in school. In a group, pupils not only learning from the teacher with their teaching but also learning from friends. They can heard difference viewpoint in one problem so that have the best solution for themself. For instance, in one math exercise, there are many ways to demonstrate by every participants in a group. After dicussing they will have the best method for the exercise. In that case, every students can learn at the same time and in difference viewpoint. Futhermore, it can improve critical thinking skill for students

All in all, although learning by their own bring back individual benefit, it seems to me that learning in a group have more pracical skill in recent way

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