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Studying abroad becomes one of the popular students' choices

camly178 1 / -  
Oct 11, 2020   #1

advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

Nowadays, when the economy and transport conditions increase, studying abroad becomes one of the students' choices to spend their time during high school or university. In my opinion, there are some advantages and disadvantages when studying in another country.

On the one hand, there are some advantages when learning in another country. First, it is an excellent opportunity to learn not only knowledge but also improving the second language. For example, I was born in Vietnam, and I am currently a Ph.D. student in France. Participate in a real class, discuss with the classmates and teamwork in most courses, etc. All of them help me obtain a lot of knowledge and improve my French, especially speaking skills, which had ever taken me a lot of time to learn in Vietnam. Surprisingly, only after nearly four months of enjoying the class, I can speak fluently. Studying in this culturally rich country gives me many real experiences besides the lesson on the university amphitheater. I have opportunities to learn about culture, cuisine, understand and experience the lifestyles of natives through extracurricular activities such as picnic, outdoor activities, or only go to the supper market.

On the other hand, when studying abroad, you face some difficulties, especially in the first period. The main problem is the lack of language skills, especially is listening and speaking skills. Although I had carefully prepared about the language, in fact that the first time I was timid and worried when I communicate or present. The second, I want to comment on the situation which is called "Culture shock". If it is complicated living in a new environment, all things are different from living in your country while living so far from your family. I have ever fallen in this case, facing a varied sad feel. My friends from Vietnam also had the same sense, while some people even were stressed and came back to your country when they could not overcome this challenge. Besides, you can meet some disadvantages such as food, weather, etc.

In summary, with any choice, you always have two sides that you have to face: advantages and disadvantages. The important thing, you need to prepare carefully for your journey.
letrang1998 1 / 2  
Oct 12, 2020   #2
I think you have some mistakes in your essay, such as "some people ... came back to your country", it should be their, right?

etc. I think your ideas are good but you can check your essay more carefully to avoid some small mistakes
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,647 3480  
Oct 12, 2020   #3
There are way too many words in this essay. Never write more than 275-290 words to avoid making more errors in your presentation. Within this 2 page essay, you managed to make several errors in spelling, grammar, conciseness, and vocabulary. That means that this essay will have severe points deducted based on the scoring rubic alone, without considering the formatting response errors yet.

You made an error in the TA section when you gave a personal opinion in the restatement paragraph. The prompt is not asking you to give an opinion, it is only asking you discuss 2 connected advantages and disadvantages within the 2 reasoning paragraphs. You changed the prompt instructions by giving a personal opinion and you will receive penalty deductions for that.

Your concluding paraphrase is not reflective of the expected format. This section should not continue to defend your opinion but rather, summarize the discussion points you gave in the reasoning paragraphs along with a restatement of the topic. That takes 3-5 sentences. You have also over discussed the reasoning paragraphs by not sticking to the standard 3-5 sentence format per paragraph.

There are only 40 minutes given for you to write the perfect essay. Focus less on length and more on the clarity of your writing. Use at least 5 minutes to spot and correct any other errors you may have made while drafting the essay.
Messiah 2 / 4  
Oct 15, 2020   #4
some corrections here!
First, it is an excellent opportunity to learn not only knowledge but also improve your language skills.
For example, I was born in Vietnam, and I am currently doinng a Ph.D. student in France.
outdoor activities and shopping at the supper market.

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