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Subject: Letter of Intent to apply for a National Visa Type D to study in Germany

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Jan 6, 2021   #1

Motivation letter for student - visa application

Visa Officer
Consulate General of Germany
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Subject: Letter of Intent

Dear sir / Madam

I am Ali Mohammed, I am writing to you because I wish to apply for a National Visa Type D: Study, to study in Federal Republic of Germany, I have admission in Biological and Chemical Engineering at Braunschweig Technical University of Braunschweig. I own a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering.

I have never vested Germany, but I always hear good about it especially by my relatives and how people are nice and good and how it is worth visiting Germany as a tourist as well as a student. There is no doubt that Germany has one the best education system around the world especially in higher education as well as in terms of the quality, and this distinctly reflected on the economy, health, innovation, technological and pacifism. If you make a quick research to answer why is the scientific level in Germany constantly booming? the answer will be unsurprisingly predictable because of the government dedicated to spending on education and it heavily invests in education, turning Germany into an inspiration for the rest of nations. However, Germany's success in education goes beyond science budgets, it comes from the German culture toward education, where they consider education is a human right. So, the country has deep science roots which merged with the German culture. These reasons going to refinement my education skills in technical and academic part. The German language served the scientific community for decades, with a visa applicationhuge number of scientist, philosophers, writers, engineers and artist, I can gain knowledge by learning the German language. Plus, there are more than 100 million native speakers, and it is the official language of 7 different countries. Last but not the least Germany offers several benefits for the student and it offers relativity affordable cost of living which make an ideal place to study for an international student.

Braunschweig Technical University has outstanding national and international ranking and has remarkable concertation to an international student, and that demonstrated in The International House of TU Braunschweig which is the central contact point for international students and organizing learning groups between German and international student. What distinguishes Braunschweig Technical University from other Universities is the wide range of research and laboratories in various modern disciplines such as nanometrology, Pharmaceutical Engineering and biochemical engineering. Further, the university is where the future is developed and an opportunity to obtain an international education while living in Germany and that is due to a strong and excellent professional professor. In addition, exposure to academia is one of the aims of the university along with encouraging innovation in teaching, by collaborating with numerous research centres and several industries. Finally, for many years TU Braunschweig offers internships because their complete faith to put theoretical knowledge into practice which increases the student level cognitively.

Frankly, my interest in chemical engineering was not from an early age, at that age I was trying to discover my tendencies and my path. My choice of chemical engineering was arbitrary, it was based on a famous Saudi entrepreneur. Nevertheless, I don't regret that decision because my interest in chemical engineering has grown bit by bit and It was cumulative over the years. I found out during my studying that chemical engineers can make a difference and change the world by improving the quality of people's lives. In 2018, I heard in newspapers that Cape Town, Capital of South Africa, declared a water crisis, and each person will get 50 L per day. This news is the spark that inspires me to pursue a master's degree, where chemical engineering has a significant impact in the desalination sector and water technology. With my two internships in desalination companies and with the water crises that my country will face in near future, alongside my project which is atmospheric water generator, believe it is obvious to pursue master's degree in biological and chemical engineering. For this reason, I chose this program at TU Braunschweig where it designed and structured for modern scientific research and development such as bioprocessing, nanotechnology, micro-processing, nanoparticle engineering and others. This program very comprehensive and interdisciplinary which is going to help me to blend into the academic and research sector and will help me gain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to pursue a career in R&D, because of the modular structure is strongly oriented towards research.

With rising global temperatures, demand for the water resource is increasing, water scarcity is inevitable. M.Sc. Biological and Chemical Engineering will provide me with the knowledge to contribute to desalination sectors in my home country and Germany. So, I intend to return to my country and looking forward to establishing a career in water research and development, where I can play a role to develop my county and serve my community.

My strong insistence and my willpower will overcome all the obstacle during studying in Germany. And I am well papered to work hard to accomplish my education goal. As I am Completely award of the challenges and difficulties I might face. I humbly request you to grant me visa and a chance to achieve my goals. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ali Mohammed

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,132 3267  
Jan 6, 2021   #2
Ali, you are not applying for admission to a university through the visa officer. You are trying to justify the reasons why you are a suitable student visa candidate. The focus of your essay should be on the following:

- Admission status to the university
- Method of payment for studies ( scholarship, work sponsored, out of pocket, etc.)
- Explanation of who will be financially responsible for your stay ( avoid reference to needing to work to support yourself)
- Timetable for your studies and activities required for your thesis completion ( in reference to student movement around Germany)
- Evidence of personal and financial ties to your home country
- Assurance of your exit from Germany whenever required (due to Covid 19 restrictions) or, upon completion of your course

Revise the content of your letter. Rather than explaining your educational expectations ( which should be summarized in the university admission discussion), focus on explaining your other qualifying considerations in terms of ties to your own country and, your ability to complete your studies without violating EU employment rules for students / professionals.

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