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IELTS Writing Task 2: Some suggest that schools should make teenagers spend a short time working

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May 12, 2022   #1
Some suggest that children do not understand the world of work and schools should make all teenagers spend a short time working as well as studying academic subjects.

To what extent do you agree?

It is argued that beside the tuition of academic subjects, schools should provide students with chances to get work experience. From my point of view, the young will benefit from this sensible movement.

First off, in order to become refreshingly employable, not only do graduates acquire proper qualifications but they also need a wide range of work based skills such as networking and time management. Although students work on projects at school, which probably train them in such abilities, there are many things to be learnt on the job. For example, cooperating with colleagues is a far cry from doing assignments with friends since teenagers have no concern about earnings or promotion. Without practical experience, they might hold the false assumption that studying subjects at school is enough for work.

Furthermore, getting involved in a real-life professional environment goes a long way towards directing students' career paths. Those who have not set their hearts on anything yet can find out their desires in this way. For people who have realised their ambitions, they can check whether the current choices suit them. As a result, students avoid wasting their university years on unappealing disciplines.

In conclusion, it is necessary that work time account for an appropriate proportion of the curriculum, so that the young prepare themselves better for employment in the future.
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May 13, 2022   #2
The student is getting his word meanings confused. He must increase his English vocabulary and word usage understanding in order to avoid unitentional misinterpretations of the prompt topics. If he will bother to look up the word meaning difference between "suggest" and argue, he will come to understand why his interpretation of the topic and its foundational reason is incorrect.

It will also serve him well to familiarize himself with the various response formats required for the task 2 essays. There are opinion essays, dis/agree essays, and measured response essays. The writer did not properly identify the response format as required (measured response) and provided another incorrect presentation in terms of his opinion.

Based on these 2 first paragraph errors, the essay will start with a failing score. He did not correctly restate the prompt, nor did he provide the expected response in the presentation. The foundation of the discussion and reasoning response are invalid.

While the resaoning paragraphs can be deemed as related to the original discussion question, the inaccurate representation in both the prompt restatement + personal opinion and concluding summary are what may prevent this essay from receiving a passing score in an actual setting.

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