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A summarize from TED Talk from Bill Gates who reveals how to improve teaching quality

aseprudi 20 / 29 16  
Sep 22, 2015   #1
Hallo everyone,
I need your help in order to improve my writing flows.
This is a summarize from TED Talk from Bill Gates who reveals how to improve teaching quality.

Teachers, a person who educate and enhance students' knowledge, require a feedback regarding their teaching method as it can help them boosting the quality of transferring information. To exemplify, countries having a well-performed ability on reading such as China, South Korea, Finland, are of a particular schedule for teacher to give some feedback one another. Normally, young teacher asks senior educator or observes them how to improve teaching quality. As a consequence, these countries can perform the best way on reading ability.

In United States of America, a teacher educating English to her students is of a method for giving self-feedback by filming her teaching. Prior to transfer the knowledge, she sets the apparatus including video recorder and stand up three port video. After positioning the tools, she educates her students by moving around and talks with the students unconsciously as if there is no camera recorder. When the teaching activities have already completed, she opens the recorder and observe what has been done by herself. As she can see what was happened in the class, therefore she can evaluate the teaching method that was delivered to the student.

eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Sep 22, 2015   #2
When it comes to an opening sentence, it is always good to start with a short sentence. This is because the sentence brings clarity. I have made some changes in the first paragraph. Some ideas such as well-performed ability on reading and reading ability are omitted, since there was no coherence between the prior and the following sentence.

Teacher is a person whose job is to teach students. Likewise, a teacher always encourages pupils in everything so as that the students could gain knowledge and insights. As teachers, they need valuable feedback regarding their teaching performance, since it is believed that this way helps them boost the quality of information transferred. For example, some countries such as China, South Korea and Finland have designed current schedules for teachers to gather some feedback one another. As normally seen, teaching activities are kept under surveillance, so as to improve the way educators teach. This constructive activity works both for junior and senior teachers. The outcome of this shows those countries hover at the world's best performing education systems.

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