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Summary Article: Animals Eat Ocean Plastic because it Smells Like Food

abangabul93 15 / 27  
Nov 10, 2016   #1
It is generally known that plastic is a crucial problem in the ocean as it can be harmful for hundreds of marine species such as seabirds, fish, whales and others. This happens since those sea creatures smell plastic like food. In fact, the amount of trash made of plastic in the ocean is around a quarter of a billion metric tons which form in tiny or rice-sized particles in 2004. This attracts over 200 marine animals feed them. Turtles often eating plastic due to its similar appearance to jellyfish is a current phenomenon to illustrate this. How can it occur? As the primary diet for many seabirds, krill consumes algae as their food. Then, algae break down in the ocean and emit dimethyl sulfide (DMS) which has sulfur odor to lead seabirds finding their feeds in the ground. Unfortunately, they consider plastic as krill to be their food. Matthew Savoca, a doctoral student at the University of California, said that DMS looks a dinner bell. It will give a signal for seabirds to find krill with their foraging mode.

Source: news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/11/animals-eat-ocean-plastic-because-of-smell-dms-algae-seabirds-fish/

ryan31 65 / 96 15  
Nov 10, 2016   #2
hai abul
it is a good summary
let me give you some advice
hope it helps

... as it can be harmful for (preposition of harmful is 'to') hundreds of marine ...

... those sea creatures smell the plastic like food.

... tons which form in tiny or rice-sized particles in 2004.

... marine animals feed themthat .

... plastic due to itsit is similar appearance to ...

... sulfide (DMS) which has the sulfur odor ...

..., said that DMS looks like a dinner bell.
... their foraging mode.for food.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,378 2892  
Nov 10, 2016   #3
Abul, first up, you need to remember that when you write a summary essay, you must always include the name of the original author, mode of first publication, and the publishing source. Those are the first steps towards delivering the all too important information that will tell the reader that you are publishing an authoritative paper and not just a run of the mill essay.

Second, your summary information lacks a number of important information. For starters, you did not identify Krill as the main food source for the animals at the start of the essay. You should have explained the significance of Krill at the start of the essay because that is the basis of the full information in the article. Third, your list of animals that eat Krill should have indicated the complete listing as presented in the essay because the essay clearly indicates that these are the species that are in danger of dying because of consuming the toxins being produced by plastic in their feeding ground.

Finally, the length of the original article tells me that you omitted a number of pertinent information. A summary essay cannot take shortcuts in presenting the important information, make sure that you cover all of the important data in your summary because that is how an authoritative summary is developed and presented.

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