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Summary: Network theory - TED ED - Marc Samet

ibe13 36 / 50 9  
Sep 22, 2016   #1
In the meanwhile, broadly speaking, Facebook and Google are the most popular social networking. Most of people around the world can access easily by their gadget. Marc Samet said about network of social media. He explained that networks are collections of links which combine by specific rules and behaviors. And also the evolution and concentration of constantly changing connections occurs is the subject of a whole discipline called network theory. Networks will continue to appear as new ways of creating and connecting surroundings defined. Possibly people can start to see why networks are so influential. As Google continues to accumulate the billions of daily searches, new groups of links will rapidly emerge, growing networks and forming additional. Because of this, if people make a friend or explore acquaintances in their Facebook account or social networking else, other people on average will be unconnected by six persons or less. In addition to, the social media will create neighborhoods linked by common connections among friends.

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ibal28 20 / 30 5  
Sep 22, 2016   #2
Hi ibe13. Here I left some suggestions for you.

Most of peoplethe people around the world can ...
==> Most of the people may require the use of the article "the". Consider inserting the before the noun in your sentence.

Marc Samet said about THE network of social media.
And also the evolution and concentration of constantly changingchange the connections occurs ...

... growing networks and formingform additional.
==> Modal verbs (such as can, may, should, and will), in the simple active past, present, and future tenses, these verbs are followed by the root (bare infinitive) form of verb. The passive construction for the simple tense is: modal + form of be + past participle.

Because of this,This is causesif people who want tomake a friend or explore the acquaintances in their Facebook account or social networking else , other people ...

==> if you put the facebook and the other social networking in you sentence, it means that you did a repetitive word.

Hope it can help to improve your essay. Keep writing :)
Sammy Todd - / 1  
Sep 23, 2016   #3
Hi ibe13,
There are some problems with grammar in your essay and I see that you are not an experienced writer because the text is not well structured. You need a lot of practice to do thought clear and readable. Maybe you should read about how to write correctly. Mankind has developed many practices and criteria for the correct writing. Nowadays they all are freely available. For example, you can read articles like this: degree way/blog/how-to-write-dissertation-conclusion

Good luck!

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