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TED Summary: Pixar's Ingredient of Magic

gdesastr 2 / 2  
Sep 19, 2016   #1
If I say, there are a rat which cooking some French foodstuff, some fish find other fish around ocean, a trash robot who falling in love in deep with a robot who explorer the galaxy, or some toy be like human with lot of drama and journey, do you think I have some insanity? I guess you say "no" if you know about Pixar. There are no impossibilities in Pixar's world, that's the standpoint of a women who brought this world comes true in a cinema perspective when she brings her thought in TED. She is Danielle Feinberg who an artist and graphic designer of Pixar. She told about what's makes Pixar have an ingredient of magic in every film and the viewer touching wholeheartedly are science, art, and artistic freedom integrated to make a cinema mood in detail. She told firmly Pixar doesn't recreate scientifically world, but they create believable story world in every audience's heart.

FirmanRomadhon20 9 / 15  
Sep 19, 2016   #2
Hii gdesastr. that is interesting topic, but I have some suggestions for you:

If I say, there areis (this is singular (a rat)) a rat which is (this is need verb auxalary, if you want to say "cooking) cooking some

She told about what'smakesthis is past time, and it should be v2)

She told firmly Pixar doesn'tI think this is the statement which had been told by the speaker. so it should be in past time)recreate scientifically world, but ...

I hope it helps

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