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Summary - How Robot Swarms are Learning to Find What We Lose at Sea

Anna94 47 / 56 3  
Dec 1, 2016   #1
Methodically, a squad of robot patrols the muddy waters of Venice's lagoon. They use glide passed the gloom for seeking the quarry. Others are waiting for them on the settling floor to relay intel back to base. The robotic fasts them are developing are part of an effort to fissure one of the biggest challenges in the ocean: finding things. Learning from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that broke concisely after take-off in Kuala Lumpur airport in 2014 in which no one could not see the part of that crane underwater. That case may be headlines, but there are enormous reasons to improve the ability to search at the sea. Searching by human may face some problems and its causations. Robotic search could be the solution when the hard problem can be overcome first. They involved the sophisticated technology to explore Deep Ocean, in which they need human pilots and have to be regularly surface to broadcast their findings. Their scheme involves "mussel" robots that go down to the sea floor and act as a coordinating grid, staying afloat to the surface when they need to talk to a base station, then talk to the "fish" explorers among them to reduce the distance to allow signal travel. Then, the result is dynamic, slowly crawling, and seabed-exploring carpet. 216w

SarlindaDS_27 42 / 52 5  
Dec 2, 2016   #2
Hello, Miss Anha , overall I think your summary already good and understandable :) I just found this in your grammar error ^_^

... after take-off in[at] Kuala Lumpur airport ...

Keep Writing and Good Luck :)

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