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TED Summary:The Shocking Truth About Your Health by Lissa Rankin (TEDxFiDiWomen)

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Sep 14, 2016   #1
The most important part of life is always being healthy. As a proverb said an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We have to do much more effort to remain healthy. The first thing is about eating balance healthy diet, we can also take some vitamins, some people do daily exercise, the other concern in taking enough sleep and seeing the doctor for regularly check up. However, we always pay more attention in our body health, but ignore our mental wellness. according to Lissa Rankin, a physician and also a founder of The Whole Health Medicine Institute said that caring your body is the least important part.

She depicts that million people ignore the whisper of their body. Some complicated deceases spread among the body, such as blood pressure or even servic cancer. They go to the doctor and get some pills. They come back normal only just a few moments and come back to doctor again and ask more medicine. Unfortunately they still have sickness. What really make a body healthy? Lissa asked herself for many times as a Physician. She spent hours in studying, reading, and keep staring on computer screen to discover this answer.

After she had a perfect storm in her life which gets divorce twice and her father passed away in the same moment, finally she found and directly told her patients that caring for the mind, heart, and soul is the biggest healer. She believes that the key to have a long life is an optimistic attitude. Self healing is from the core. if you have any physical symptoms, ask yourself the real diagnosis and be honest to yourself. Just make your own prescriptions because you know yourself even better than the expert doctor.

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