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(summary)Strong Personalities Skew Study Samples

vicky17 1 / 1  
Dec 5, 2016   #1
In truth, All of owner pets prefer to explain their dogs's character.It is has became a custom there.But the issue of animals' capability is not one that has been formally studied all that much.Based on research that a species of bird into groups of more and not aggressive male,However they found that each type of individual quiet different of behavior in each of these situations.somehow they also found that the birds more likely to take risk also were the ones largely to be trapped.So,They raising important questions about the skewed sample set presented when researchers base their findings on animals caught in traps.
ded15 6 / 9 1  
Dec 5, 2016   #2
In truth, Allall of owner pets prefer to explain their dogs'sdogs' character.

It is has becamebecome a custom there.

.somehowSomehow,(after "point" you have to start your sentence with capital letter) they also found that ...
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,447 4693  
Dec 5, 2016   #3
Vicky, where is the link to the article that you based this summary on? We need the link in order to compare your summary with the original. Otherwise, we cannot tell if you missed some information or misrepresented some information in your summary. At the moment, what I can tell you as of this moment is that your summary is really too short at 103 words. You should always aim for the minimum 150 words per essay. This will not only show a minimal ability to develop an English sentence structure, but will also allow you to carefully present some grammatical skills and vocabulary knowledge in the essay.

The summary that you wrote does not contain any transition phrases or sentences, which makes the introduction of the various information sudden and seemingly disconnected from each other. It would seem that you just took note of some highlights from the report and typed it as it was presented. There is no development of the ideas that would have added to the information that the summary could have imparted to the reader.

You have made a pretty good effort with this summary but I know that you could do better. I look forward to your succeeding essays which, I am sure will benefit from the notes I have given you above. I hope you remember to apply the changes in your upcoming essays. That is, if you have the chance to do so.
nda18 46 / 81 9  
Dec 6, 2016   #4
Hi Vicky,

> it would be better if you put the article source, so that we can compare your summary. if you not put the source, it is hard for us to examine your essay.

> i think your summary is not rephrase the sentence well, you do rephrase it, but the meaning of the sentence is becoming wrong. So, regardless the grammatical error, i will focus on fixing your sentence, so, here my correction for you

1st sentence :
In fact, the pets owners have a tendency to introduce their own dogs or cats' personalities. However, the study is not only about their personality, but also more than that. based on research (i don't whose research it is), the male birds had been grouped by their strong personality - aggressive and not aggressive.

so, that is my correction for small part of your summary. I hope you can fix it again.
you have a great effort, yet it would be better if you write it more carefully. the grammatical error is your predominant issue.
Hope it will help. keep writing and Break a leg
nurainiyusuf16 47 / 83 6  
Dec 6, 2016   #5
Hellooo Vicky!
Allow me to give you some suggestion through your summary.

Look at mine below:
In truth, a ll of owner pets prefer ...
It has become a custom in this trend.
the issue of animals' capability is not the one that has been ...
A research stated that, a species of bird into ...
At the same time they found that each type ...
S omehow they also found ...
They rise the important questions about ...

All in all,
1. You never mention something that can refer to "there", you may check it again.
2. You have to consistent with your tenses.
3. Avoid to use cordinating conjunction "FANBOYS" for starting a sentence.
4. Honestly, you have to learn again about sentence structure, there are some missing in your summary.
5. The most important is my corrections only about grammar, you should put the link, so we can make sure you do not mispresented.

Hope it helps you :)

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