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(Summary Article) Study: The Rich Really Are More Selfish

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Nov 29, 2016   #1
Pundits said inhabitants who has less money or low education prove from research that they have more compassion and empathy than their wealthy counterparts, according from psychological studies. In social scientist speak, "self-oriented behavior" is more likely to be exhibited by people with higher educations, excelent jobs, high incomes, and overall higher-ranking social status.The paper also claims that people with less education and less money tend to be more generous with what money they do have

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,628 2518  
Nov 29, 2016   #2
Alfin, where is the link to the article? You know very well that we rely on our reading of the original article to help you improve upon your current work. I hope that you noticed how short your summary is. Due to its brevity, I cannot accurately assume or say that you have an informative summary presented for review. There was a failure on your part to mention who is speaking (Pundit? Who is the pundit?). While I can assume that there is more to the psychological studies, I would have liked to have seen a mention of the title of the study, who commissioned it, what the target demographic was for the study, and how many people were in the sample rate. All of these are important information that would probably have been found in the original article but you failed to present in your summary. Thus making your summary more of a hearsay and not really authoritative in presentation. Please remember to add the link to the original article the next time you post a summary for review here.
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Nov 29, 2016   #3
Pundits(who is pundid ??? make clear the speaker) said inhabitants who (...) wealthy counterparts, according fromaccording to the psychological studies.I think this form will ...

... "self-oriented behavior" miss spelling the correct one is BEHAVIOUR is more likely (...) higher educations, excelentmiss spelling again excellent jobs, high incomes, ...

The paper also claims that people with less education and less money...

confusing sentence I think this inappropriate between less many and generous

insert the source is necessary because we know the original text.

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