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Summary 'how we unearthed the spinosaurus'

Fadhilahumar91 61 / 73 6  
Sep 5, 2016   #1
This is summary a video by Nizar Ibrahim which has published in TEDtalk.com. The original title is 'how we unearthed the spinosaurus'. He is a paleontologist. He told about their several expedition with his team in Sahara to search some Dinosaur's fossils. Based on their expedition, he reveals some animal's back bone which lived in 100 years ago. The animals is Spinosaurs. It had special characteristic for instance big, had tall spines in their back, forming a magnificient sail, slender jaws, a bit like crocodile and had conical teeth.

The mission area have high-risk because sand storms suddenly appear, and the brunt of poisonous animals. Even though, they found the largest Spinosaurs's back bone. They estimate that giant predator dinosaurs in medium size. It is very elusive but they try to characterize the Dinosaurs species. Finally, they conclude that the microstructure of this species is bizzare creatures, different from T-rex, the head has fish eating. Then the natural habitat is in the ancient river and as a predator in their food cycle. The last quote from Nizar which is borrowed from Roy Chapman Andrew that is "always there has been an adventure just around the corner and the world is full of the corner"

Yusuf05 11 / 14 2  
Sep 5, 2016   #2
Hi Fadhila,
Here is my general feedback to your writing.

Be careful with pronoun. Focus who is the subject!
He told about their several expedition ...
..Based on their expedition...

He told about theirhis several expedition with ...
Based on their expedition, he reveals ...

Here is also some refinement:
The animals are called Spinosaurs. It has special characteristics , for instance big andhad tall spines in their back...

The mission area is categorised as ahigh-riskdangerousplacedue to the sand storms which may suddenly appear...

That's all from me Dilla.
Hopes that help

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