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The Supernatural: A Rise in Entertainment

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English 102

Lately in the entertainment industry there has been a big rise in the supernatural forms of entertainment. The supernatural has brought a new way people look at entertainment and has created a new genre of ways to read, watch television, and go to the movies. There are many different angles you can look at how this genre has evolved over the years and what has drawn the huge fascination with the subject. Not many people have realized that the evolution of the supernatural started more than two hundred years ago with some of the first literature ever published.

One of the first books that was written about vampires was in the year eighteen nineteen by a group of friends that lived near Lake Geneva. The names of the people who mad contributions to the first books were John William Polidori, Claire Clairmont, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Mary Shelley. This group of people decided to just get together and started telling ghost stories, which lead up to creating the first vampire literature. There were to books the first was Polidori's The Vampyre, and the second one was by Lord Byron's unfinished Fragment of a Novel. Mary Shelley helped create the horror classic Frankenstein.

From eighteen forty-five to eighteen forty-seven the vampire genre started to get more popular with the youth of America. James Malcolm Rymer published short story type of literature such as, Varney the Vampire. This author was the one who started general idea the vampires have fangs leaving two puncture wounds, coming through a window to attack a sleeping maiden, hypnotic powers, and superhuman strength (Laming). Another focus of vampire lore that Rymer used was that vampires loathe their own existence but can't stop the way they have become.

In eighteen seventy-two, Sheridan le Fanu's novella Carmilla was one of the first forms of erotic fixation. In eighteen ninety-seven Dracula was born by Bram Stoker which is one of the most well known books about vampires. The book I am Legend was published by Richard Matheson, this book has been made into a theatrical movie that is considered one of the first current vampire novels. Around nineteen seventy-five Stephen King became the master of horror and created the book Salem's Lot that puts vampires in the modern world of Maine. Anne Rice is a very well known author of Vampire Chronicles and she starts to change the way people read about vampires. Anne Rice takes Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's book and portrays them as romantic anti-heroes. Some present day authors about vampires are Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, and Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse.

Another look at the supernatural are The Salem Witch Trials that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts. There are many different views about what people think happened in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts and some observations the people living in the village observed. The trials started in June and lasted until September of 1692 that accused nineteen men and women of witchcraft. One man who was very old would not submit to being accused of witchcraft was pressed to death under stones. The first signs of witchcraft started when Samuel Parris was invited to join the Salem village along with his family. The Salem that became the new home of Parris was in the midst of change: a mercantile elite was beginning to develop, prominent people were becoming less willing to assume positions as town leaders, two clans (the Putnams and the Porters) were competing for control of the village and its pulpit, and a debate was raging over how independent Salem Village, tied more to the interior agriculture regions, should be from Salem, a center of sea trade (Linder).

In the winter of sixteen ninety-two, Betty Parris the wife of Samuel Parris became very ill. She stated lashing out and going crazy around the room and her body started convulsing along with a fever. There were many symptoms that brought on this illness and were thought to be from a disease. No one knew if she had a disease or this was the doing of witch that is connected to future displays of witchcraft. From this time on there were new episodes of questionable witchcraft when three young children started to display signs that Betty Parris had. The doctor in the village came and diagnosed the children and it was to be said that their symptoms came from the supernatural origin.

An Indian slave named Tituba lived with the Parris family and was told by their neighbor to make a rye cake with the urine of an afflicted victim and then to feed it to a dog. This was shown to be an act of witchcraft through the use of an animal to blame witchcraft on a member of the village about weird things happening. Three women were accused of witchcraft and were sent for examination of the findings. There were many others accused of witchcraft and were all of them were sent to jail. After a great length of time the trials were finally started and ultimately nineteen accused of witchcraft were hanged and pressed to death and all witches were abolished from the village of Salem.

After following the start where the supernatural started in literature and history there has been some questionable takes on how young children view the supernatural and what affect it has on them. One way is from a Christian point of view and shows what approach people can take if they are conflicted about whether or not people should let their children see this type of entertainment and weather or not they understand the differences from reality to fantasy. If a person is in the age bracket between pre-teen and college age, they have seen some sort of supernatural type of entertainment. Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches have become immensely popular in the last five years and some people might be questioning what makes this entertainment so fascinating. It is good for parents who might be questioning if they want their children to see any form of this entertainment should understand some information before judging this genre.

Twilight isn't merely the first novel in a four-book tale by Meyer; it was a catalyst for new vampire TV shows, movies, and novels marketed as Christian fiction (Goodwyn). Young people are not the only ones who are fans of Twilight but many moms are getting into this series and are not ashamed of it. There are also other forms of vampire entertainment that arises after Twilight came on the scene. The CW's The Vampire Diaries premiered and is doing extremely well, but was written back in the 90's. Another form of vampire entertainment is HBO's True Blood which is form a much more mature audience is why it is on a movie subscription channel.

What these different forms of vampire entertainment shows that there are different forms of vampires and it ranges on who should watch these movies, or TV shows. On the Christian view the act of a vampire drinking blood is considered a sin and is something that is not done in reality. It is up to parents on what they want their children and young adults exposed to, so this is taking some things a little too far. The genre of the supernatural is not bad but must be done age appropriately as children grow up and understand more thing throughout their life.

The term lycanthropy comes from the words wolf and man that form the term of a disorder of man or woman thinking that they are turning into part animal and part human. This is a myth and legend that a person can turn into a wolf that turns on the full moon. There are many suggested ways that a person can be turned to a werewolf such as witchcraft, blood infected from a bite from another werewolf, and the Lycaeonia curse. The only way one might change into a werewolf is by harming someone else to the point of death. There were many cases from France between fifteen twenty and sixteen thirty of werewolves. There has also been a scientific view of how a person turns into a werewolf by many different chemical compounds and drugs. Werewolves have also been viewed in entertainment for a long time. The first non-silent movie about werewolves was The Wolf Man in nineteen forty-one. There also has been quite a few books about werewolves that has arise in the later nineteen seventies to the present day.

Given all of the previous information about the supernatural here is a look at the top ten characters you would like to sink your teeth into. At number ten is Caleb Morley of the soap opera Port Charles, this show first appeared in two thousand one of a psychosexual love story. At number nine is Michael Emerson of The Lost Boys, which is a group of bloodsuckers from California having to do with gang violence. At number eight is Stefan Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries that involves a love triangle with vampires, werewolves, witches, and doppelgangers that really is an exciting TV show. At number seven is Pamela Swynford De Beaufort of True Blood about a group of vampires that take over Louisiana town. At number six is Emmett Cullen of Twilight where a girl falls in love with a vegetarian vampire in high school in the state of Forks, Washington. At number five is Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview With The Vampire is an adaption of Anne Rice's book. At number four is Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer of a teen battling the undead and vampires. At number three is Eric Northman of True Blood who is a Viking and a vampire from the series of books from Sookie Stackhouse. At number two is Akasha in Queen of The Damned another book from Anne Rice adapted to the big screen. At number one is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries because he has the best mix of everything needed to make the best vampire in entertainment.

Some of the most origins that go back to the first vampirism is from ancient India, Babylonia, Greece, and early Christian cultures have thought to started in these countries and cultures. The idea term vampire is to be displayed in Slavonic People in Hungary, Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. In the origins of folklore of vampires the way they are created is that once a human dies they are turned into a vampire and then impact the lives of others with the act of taking life. There are many ways that one can kill a vampire that is pretty universal throughout history is by beheading, ripping the heart from ones chest, and driving a white-thorn stake through the vampires heart.

The real concept that a lot of people have with the supernaturalism is the appeal that the creatures and characters can live forever and still keep intact the human qualities of love and caring. What makes people really interested in the vampire entertainment is the aspect that these TV shows, books, and movies have every storyline put into one form of entertainment to people. Most of the stories of the characters is shown where they are trying to evolve into the human world and ultimately do not want to live the undead life for killing human life and choose other means to sustain their life.

There are so many qualities that attract people to vampires' werewolves and witches because they all are desirable and humans want to have an extraordinary aspect to their life that makes them different. The characters in this form of entertainment really take you through a lot of emotional pain that they take from their human life to their undead life. Supposedly vampires feel everything more than a normal person and are intensified very greatly. Everything changes when they can not control their needs and takes the characters a long time to learn how to control their urges for blood and all of their other emotions that they feel at a daily bases. The other part of the supernatural that people really want is that they have powers that no one has in their life like super speed, strength, the fact that they can't get hurt, and being able to make a human do what you want by forcing their mind to do as you please.

If you were a fan of the aspects of the supernatural before you knew this information or if you understood this information and decided to check out a form of entertainment than this paper has given a thorough way of knowing more about this genre of entertainment. There can be ways for vampire to have a more of a horror aspect or to have a more romantic side to vampires in entertainment shows that everyone has room to enjoy vampires, witches, and werewolves. No matter what a person believes it is always fun to see your life as something more than ordinary and someone who likes to escape their world and go into a fantasy world you have always dreamed about.

Three areas that I can improve is throughout the middle for finding the right words to say, ending the conclusion on a good note, and making my papers sound as interesting as I can.

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Jan 12, 2012   #2
Hi :)
You have written an exceptional essay- nice job! You use great critical thinking skills about your topic, and you appear to be very intelligent. You have many good points to support your thesis. I selected a few things that you may want to edit:

Therewerewasto the first book, the first was Polidori's The Vampyre, and the second one was by Lord Byron's unfinished Fragment of a Novel.

James Malcolm Rymer published Varney the Vampire,a short story type of literature. This author was the one who started the generaltraditional idea thethat vampires have fangs leaving two puncture wounds , and come through a window to attack a sleeping maiden, have hypnotic powers, and superhuman strength (Laming).

No one knew if she had a disease, or if this was the doing of a witch that is connected to future displays of witchcraft.

There are also other forms of vampire entertainment on TV that arose after Twilight came on the scene. The CW's The Vampire Diaries premiered and is doing extremely well, but was written back in the 90's. Another formexample of vampiresin the mediaentertainment is HBO's True Blood which is form a much more mature program,audienceand that is why it is on a movie subscription channel.

The real concept that a lot of people have with the supernaturalism is the appealnotion that the creatures and characters can live forever and still keep intact the human qualities of love and caring.

Therehave also has been quite a few books written about werewolves that has arise in the later nineteen seventies to the present day.

I hope this helps :)

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