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Sweatshop about clothing and a child does not have education, workers very poor and get low wages

Wendy Li 2 / 1  
Jul 30, 2016   #1
Sweatshop is those factories that hire juvenile in very low price to manufacture clothes. Juvenile workers can not have a good education as other same age students. Instead, they have to work at these factories to increase the income. Low wages and long labor time are the characters for these factories. Today, sweatshop can be found all over the world, especially in developing countries, such as Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Syria. For instance, workers in Bangladesh forced to 14 -16 hours a day seven days a week, and they face unsafe, cramped, hazardous condition which often lead to work injuries and work fires. Therefore, we should stop buying cheap clothing and realized that sweatshop should be prohibited.

Most poor people work in the sweatshop in developing countries, an estimated 168 million children ages 5 to 14 are forced to work. In Bangladesh, 3.5 million workers in 4,825 garment factories produce goods for export to global market. And 85% workers are women. As we all know, more than 1000 people killed and more than 2,500 people injured by the collapse of the Rana Plaza sweatshop. But the day before it happens, the inspector told factory management this is a dangerous building that they must move out. After that, all of the first floor to the fourth floor's people move out. Except above the fourth- floor factories workers, because factories management told them there was no security issue and ordered them continuing work, then tragedy happened. People who work in here has no opportunity to choose, they are only paid about $25 a month. They do not have holidays, very weeks only on Friday, they can have a half day for a break, then continue to do the same things over and over again.

In China, there is more than 482 million people-36 per cent of the population live in less than $2 per day. The average monthly salary includes overtime for poor people is $338. The sandblasting used to make denim. In 2009, about 2,000 workers suffered these occupational diseases. If in severe cases, it can lead to death.

In Thailand, the garment industry is the largest export industry in this country. In 2005, the minimum wage was $4.21 a day, which workers complained that was not enough to buy powdered milk for their kids. The mother of a girl worked in this factory, her hands were through by a needle twice, although she knew how dangerous it was, she worried about her daughter may lose this job.

In fact, a company just via "fast fashion" this way to make cheap clothes save the customer so that they can earn more money. All kinds of advertisement, celebrity represent, spam message. They use different ways remind people to buy new cheap clothes. It causes people buy more than they need. Not workers, not companies, instead is customers. The more cheap clothes they buy, the more workers they lead to die. Opposite, if customers buy less cheap clothes, higher price clothes, sweatshop worker's working hours is decrease, their wages in the increase. This is a real improvement for their poor life.

Young sweatshop workers cannot get a good education as normal. There are 215 million children aged 5-17 years old involved in child labor. Over half of these children are under the age of 15, 9 million are under 12 years old. In Rome, 15 million children of around primary school age, they are working at factories instead of at school. Because children in here who get a chance to have a good education can not receive higher wages as adults. Therefore, these children more likely to drop out of school.

If there were no war in Syria, children would be in school. Almost 80 per cent of Syria refugee children living in Turkey, and they are work in the factories. In here, ISIS ruled the country even every school, if they go to school, they have to face explode. But they and their parents hate it. They prefer to factories find a job. Hamza: a little boy who's father was killed by ISIS two years ago, the only source of finance was from his mom. Unfortunately, he had to drop out of school because he had two little brothers. Certainly, he also said he love school, and he misses writing and reading. Even his mom said, all her children have to work, or they can not live. All the family was the same when they spent more money than they earned, they have to borrow money or let their kids went to factories.

In Bangladesh, a nine-year-old girl Meem, work in the factory. As her family becomes poor and her mom was pregnant, she has to work in the factory. Because her family needs she to help boost the income, and she thought it is responsibility for her to work. There are many girls as the same age as her, work in this factory, too. Every day work from 9 to 9 pm, except lunch break. Overall, it becomes their life that they cannot control it.

What can we do to stop sweatshop produce cheap clothes and help worker's lives are getting better? Sweatshop is an inhumane working condition, if clothes can sell by $50, the workers only get 30 cents per piece. What did customers do before? Almost people like to buy cheap clothes, especially in price-off promotions time. In the shopping mall, when customers see some clothes store put a sign of 50% off or buy one get one free in the doorway, they must walk into the store. But they do not know these clothes are made by sweatshop workers. Assuming that company does not have sweatshops, how do they make the money?

Customers are the biggest beneficiaries. Sweatshop workers made clothes for them. They should protect them instead of bringing them more pain. Here has some way to stop sweatshops: Boycott. Overall, customers can give some pressure to a company, and ask them to make sure workers condition is changed, then they can continue trust company. Ashi Pujari, an associate professor of marketing at McMaster University. He said, "I don't know any customer who'd like to buy cheap clothes when they know that conditions in Bangladesh are growing poorer."

Campus groups, press from college students. They lead some overseas factories like Nike factories, slowly get better conditions: cut back on child labor, use less dangerous chemical and need fewer workers to work 80-hour weeks.

Shop ethically and buy less! Sweatshop condition violates human rights. As a customer, you have to buy and support local products instead of sweatshop products. And do not buy flimsy, trendy items clothes that made in two weeks. Also, do not treat yourself as sweatshop treat society. Even though you may not see where is made product, if you knowingly buy something from a sweatshop, your purchase is directly saying you support the decision for poor people to work in sweatshops.

In conclusion, please help this poor person who is making clothes for you! Don't make unfair wages broke their life, these children need a chance to have a good education, adult workers need a job that can encourage the income for their family.

pujakurniawan19 9 / 16 4  
Jul 31, 2016   #2
Hi Wendy Li
I have some suggestions for you

Sweatshop is the factories that hire juvenile in clothes manufacturing. In recent years, sweatshop can be found in some countries especially in developing countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand and Syria. There are some mistakes that can be discovered in this case like the juvenile be paid with very low salaries. What is more, juvenile who work there do not have a good education. It is suggested that the most viable solution is to creating new roles by the government so that the problems can be prevented.
justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
Aug 2, 2016   #3
Hi Wendy, first of all, in this essay, I can definitely feel that you are somehow furious, furious of the fact that people are somehow, taken for granted and I agree that this practice of taking our workforce for granted has to stop. It should end as soon as possible, not only because they create a very bad feeling towards the person being treated wrong, but because it creates an overall picture that labor is known for these days and this is definitely not acceptable.

Further to your essay, as it doesn't have any label for a research paper or any writing project, it actually looks like you're just venting your heart out and as much as we want to hear and talk about anything and everything, EF is not the right avenue for this venting.

Anyhow, as I would like to look at this as a research paper, I would like to suggest that you include the citations, of course, as this is the basis of the information extracted and incorporated on the paper.

I'm looking forward to your enlightenment on this paper, label it properly and make sure that when you enter in this kind of battle, you're armed with the right information and foundation.

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