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IELTS Writing Task 1: The table shows forested land in millions of hectares in different parts of th

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Apr 15, 2020   #1
The chart illustrates data regarding forested land measured by millions of hectares in multiple regions of the globe. Overall, after the course of 15 years, there was a slight expansion in the forest area in Asia and Europe, whilst the opposite trend was observed in the remained regions. Moreover, Europeean countries always had the largest forest area when compared to the rest.

In 1990, Asian countries had 576 millions of hectares of forest area. This figure slightly dropped to 570 million in 2000 and significantly rose to 584 million after 5 years. Meanwhile, there was an observable surge over the period of 15 years in Europe, starting at 989 millions of hectares in 1990 and reaching 1001 million in 2005.

On the other hand, African region lost their forest area dramatically. They used to have 749 millions of hectares in 1990 but this number declined steeply to 691 million in 2005. There was a slight decrease in forested land in North America from 708 millions of hectares to 705 million and this statistic remained unchanged for the next 5 years. The same trend applied to Oceania. South America suffered the greatest loss of forest area. After 15 years from 1990, the forest area in this region was measured at 882 millions of hectares, significantly smaller than its figure in 1990 (946 millions of hectares).

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Apr 15, 2020   #2
The task 1 essay should not exceed 190 words because you only have 20 minutes to complete this task. You should not be focused on the number of words as that will never ensure a high score. Your ability to properly explain the image, note important data in your report, along with how you present the information in a grammatically correct manner are what will dictate your passing or failing score. Focus on the content, not the word count. The word count won't get you anywhere if your content is faulty.

Overview information should include a listing of the included global regions in the chart. You can either outline that information or, use the countries as indicative of your trending sentence. Whatever the method you choose, just make sure that all the countries are represented / outlined / listed in the summary overview. That is part of the data presentation outline and adds to the accuracy of your task.

Be consistent in your paragraph starter phrases. If you use "on the other hand" in the second paragraph, make sure that you used "On the one hand" in the previous paragraph. The uniformity of presentation is important in each paragraph that you discuss. Be careful with your spelling. Watch out for the red lines that appear under words as you type your text. That represents a misspelled word. You must correct it. Note that the red lines will not appear on the testing center computer, so you have to make sure that you avoid the forced spelling errors by looking for it as you do the practice test. Remember, the LR score will also look at your spelling accuracy and deduct for misspelled and misused words / vocabulary.

Spelling errors:
Europeean = European

Grammar errors:
Noun phrase disagreement - 749 millions = million*
709 millions of hectares = million*
(You consistently make this error in the essay. It could have been corrected if you did some editing work in the paper before you close the essay)

Do not fall prey to forced errors in the essay that could cause you to fail the test. If you apply your editing skills to the copy before you submit the essay, if you focus on content instead of word count, you can avoid those forced errors and perhaps, pass the test.
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Apr 16, 2020   #3

Thank you so much for your feedback. I have just started my IELTS preparation so I hope I will receive more comments and suggestions from you for my future work.

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