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The table shows the television channels viewing figures for sports in some countries

Quangvan752 1 / -  
Aug 7, 2022   #1

The table below shows the television viewing figures for sports by country, in millions.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant

The table shows the television channels viewing figures for sports in some countries. Those are the number of viewers in some sports in four countries.

In general, there are many differences depend on each country. A lot of American people enjoy watching sports. Tennis is the most common sports in four sports in the table within 25,9 million people, each country has 6 to 7 million viewers. Motor racing is less common than other sports, as in the USA and Canada, there has only 1,5 and 1,1 million people watching, while it is the popular sport in the UK and Australia. Athletics is still the common sport in the UK and the USA. Most American people like watching golf with 11,2 million people, more than total of those in any other countries.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,209 4317  
Aug 8, 2022   #2
Writing less than 150 words will result in an automatic failing score. This will be the final result of the word count deductions applied to the task. No amount of additional scoring later on will change that outcome because the essay does not meet the passing considerations of :

- 3 paragraph presentations
- Analytical reporting
- Proper division of information presentation

The essay is missing:
- A proper summary overview
- A trending statement

The current summary is confusing to read. It does not correctly inform the reader in a quick format regarding the pertinent data in relation to:

- countries listed
- sports considered
- results assessment

As such the summary overview is the most problematic paragraph in this presentation. The writer also presents just 1 analytical paragraph where 2 are required. The analysis paragraphs should be representative of: 2 countries + 2 sports = Total assessment. Each grouping composes one paragraph.
Iloveielts 8 / 16 1  
Aug 8, 2022   #3
First, this is an IELTS Task 1: You have missed the structure of this task :
(1) Opening ( paraphrasing) + Overall : at least 2 questions about the highlights of the graph
(2) Body 1
(3) Body 2.
Second, the lack of conjunction will affect your bandscore : Try to use: meanwhile, By contrast, in addition,additionally,..... to connect the sentence
... 7 million viewers. By contrast, Motor racing is ... and Australia. Meanwhile, Athletics is still ...
jane_00 2 / 1  
Aug 10, 2022   #4
You missed the overall and even your report was quite short in my opinion.

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