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Toefl: taking action directly is usually a good strategy

JelLyLy 1 / -  
Sep 12, 2012   #1
Recently, many people accept patience as a strategy to deal with some events. Undeniably, in some case, patience may enable people to deal things more safely and steadily. However, in my opinion, people who hold the point fail to that it is more beneficial that taking action now rather than later, say, boosting the opportunity of success, avoiding the feeling of regret and protecting from form a bad habit.

In the first case, to boost the opportunity of success people should solve things directly. To be more specific, sometimes opportunity just gives people a short time to make decision and if missing the time, people will as well as loss the opportunity. For example, when people buy the stock, they usually want to buy it in a cheaper price. So they always think it will be more cheaper and when the price increasing, they will loss the opportunity. Accordingly, patience may cause people lose the best chance.

Moreover, if people choose patience, they may also attain a feeling of regret. Specifically, when failing to deal with a thing by a strategy of patience, people always regret that they should take action now in that case. For instance, when people face a problem again, they will lose confidence a significant factor of success. Consequently, to avoid fell regret, people should solve things directly.

Finally, taking action later frequently will enable people to form a bad habit. In other words, if people form a habit that resolve things in a strategy of patience, they will also abstain a hesitating habit. For example, my friend Jerry is always patience when he face events. Whenever he make a decision, he will hesitate that he if will do that and eventually he only take advice form other to resolve problem. Above all, patience will make people becoming less independent.

In conclusion, Not only does taking action now boost the opportunity of success, but also will avoid the felling of regret and forming a bad habit. Therefore, taking action directly is usually a good strategy.
hoshmp 2 / 3  
Sep 20, 2012   #2
it is nice approach, but i think you should write in four paras, 1st Introduction, than discuss topic, than your view, and finally conclusion. i am also learning so if you know better share with me.

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