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Taking a gap year, should or should not? IELTS writing test 2

Mai Chu 14 / 17 1  
Feb 1, 2012   #1
In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this.

In America or other European countries, taking a year off between high school and university is recommended and it is called "gap year". The pros and cons brought up by this left year should be careful considered before one student decides her future. In my opinions, this situation provides more advantages than disadvantages.

First of all, going to university is a big decision one has to make when graduating from high school. Investing in higher education reveals many problems: financial insufficient, time management, ability and most important which major to choose. Gap years will help anyone who still confuses about whether or not to study in university makes her mind up. During the gap years, she can work or travelling, while finding her true ambition. Working in a specific field, for example, teaching poor children in volunteer work, make her mature, thinking deeply about the future job she desire to work. Another advantage is travelling through other land, exposing to diversification of culture and work resources may lead to other higher purpose which can not be find out if staying at home passively. In conclude, years off from high school confirm one's future position, in university, in which major or in other working field.

Secondly, there are some disadvantages of gap year as a whole: more money and time spent as well as the opportunity cost. One year without attending to university or in any other work place means one year late in comparison with normal students. One taking gap years has to accept either the living cost or the time consumed, while other friends study and graduate earlier than her. It also about the opportunity cost: one year travelling makes no money; even she can spend more than amount should have been invested to education. That is why gap years are not always the best choice, especially with who have a clear goals and strategies for future.

In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of gap years can be seen clearly, although the good ones are more than the bad ones. Even one takes gap years or not; she should define what she wants to do when staying in the high school.

Thank you for reading and correcting my writing.

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