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TED Talk Summary; David Cameron : The Next Age of Government

rizaldohabibie 19 / 35  
Sep 20, 2016   #1
How we can make things better without spending much money is to combine the pure political philosophy with incredible information revolution to increase the human well-being because we are now in the miserable time of worldwide deficit.

Political philosophy, generally, consist of three pillars which are transparency, choice, and accountability. Those three points can be integrated with information technology from the internet to open publicity of all government contracts, to provide health facilities from the department of health through online system, and to invite people to collaborate in informing place of crime committed in the state of diminishing crime with the website connected to the police department. Eventually, people will actively protect one another without any forcing law from government as the state of public awareness supported by the combination of political honesty, people power and technology.

This possibility, in conclusion, can be implemented when citizens are able to visualise what they have presented to the nation; not what they have obtained from it.
bismillah 15 / 29 1  
Sep 20, 2016   #2
hi friend i have some advices to you regarding on your grammatical error
such as
How we can make things better,it should be
How we can make the better things because of it,thr place of adverb and adjective sentence is earlier than noun..
and i inform you about using 'THE'
usually 'The' used to be known sentence before you mention it
and The used to use the officially sentence such as the name of popular place ,as like nationality, official place ,and others
i think that can help you to make better essay and paying more in grammatical error essay
so,i hope it can help you

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