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"Teach for India" why?

ruchika kumari 1 / 1  
Oct 21, 2009   #1
*Why do you want to be a Teach For India Fellow? Why is now the right time in your life to do so? (Please write up to 2500 characters/500 words)

This is the essay i suppose to write for joining This organization.This is an Non Profit Organization which give you a 2year fellowship an you will be suppose to teach 2-3 standard kid...

Give feedback on quality of essay as well as grammer

"Teach For India".The word India attracts me.Whether it be teach India,teach for India,Indian army,Indian Nevy any thing which is directly related to the present or future of India.This has been since long time ,I struggled so much to get the answer of why I am getting education?Is there any way i m contributing to my family and nation? I realised it little later, yes getting myself education is effecting my coming generation in my family but i could never get a way to implement same for the nation ? "Teach For India"showed me the right way to do it for the nation.I always wanted to do something for india when Teach For India came in picture, I realised this is the best way to contribute to the country at the same time making myself much better to conrtribute furthur to my personal life and to nation as well.According to me contributing to nation is actually conributing to yourself .It finally reflects on your life, only one thing is different that it even effects others. If you will always think about yurself it will be always for you never for your coming generation nor for others .so why not we react in the way such as it effect all rather than just me an you.Teach for India lets me to do this and the same time it gives me a recognization as a Teach For India fellow.This will be a great pleasure when i will be recognized as someone who had been a part of indian activity.

It seems to fullfill many of my dreams..
1 .I wanted to go back and correct my mistakes which i have done during my school days because of not having proper guidence..By putting me in the class room of cute innocent kids , Teach for india provides me the chace to do so.. I would be advising new generation not to repeat the same which they seems to make in absense of proper resources and guidence.

2. Love to take challanges and always wanted to be out of crowd..I feel being in Teach for india is exactlly working out from the crowd in highly challanging environment..

3 and the finally and foremost thing it makes me feel myself proud to be an good citizen of India who has contributed to some extent to India..

Its always now which is right time to do any thing u want rather than today or tomorrow. No one has seen future and i myself don't know will i be able to do it in future or not as the life goes it brings new problems and leave u with less energy.So better do it now and exprience the challanges and fullfill my dreams...

EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Oct 21, 2009   #2
1. The grammar needs work.

2. That doesn't matter at the moment, though, because you need to rewrite most of your essay anyway.

3. You are far too vague in the first half, and the second half is a list, not an essay. So contributing to a nation is good, and makes you a better person. Hooray! There must be dozens of ways, if not hundreds, that you could do this other than applying for this particular position. You need to be far more specific about why this particular program appeals.
OP ruchika kumari 1 / 1  
Oct 22, 2009   #3
Thanks a lot for givining the feedback..i will rewrite and send it again with keeping all the point u said ..

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