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a teacher should be strict or easygoing?

HEBELONG 1 / 2  
Oct 3, 2011   #1
issue:A teacher who is serious and strict is more efficient than a teacher who use humors and is easygoing.

Some people think that the teacher who is serious and strict is more efficient to teach students. Teachers play a vital role in the growth of children. Maybe the strict teaching methodology can push them to learn perform well in school. However, compared to the humors and easygoing teacher, I prefer the latter.

First, humors bring out students' interests to acquire knowledge. Vivid and funny class is a gate way to attract students, which make them not only enjoy the process of learning but also become concentrate on lesson, especially some lesson like history, mathematics. Take my own experience for example. When I am junior, I began my history class and I think it is so dull that I force myself to have class just to pass the exam. Until I met Tom, teaching Europe history in my university, I did begin to search background or map in order to know more about the period of history. It is his vivid lecture that tells me history is not dead record but hundreds of stories and a wealth of wisdom.

Second, with an easygoing teacher put students at ease and feel less stress. Drowning in the happy class, students are likely to have more efficient remember abilities and active thinking. Otherwise, suffered from the serious and strict atmosphere, they fall in high pressure and would rather to keep mouth shut in classes. In this situation, even though some of them may have high scores, they cannot get hang of knowledge but force to remember answers. What is worse, according to recent research, there is increasing number of the young who suffered from the mental stress and have negative effect on their psychology.

Finally, though serious teaching stimulate students to upgrade themselves, it is not suitable for different students. Because some students have set high requirement for themselves, if plus the strict teachers, they shoulder too much pressure and become look down upon themselves, thinking that they always cannot reach the goals. On the other hand, when students come to serious problem such as hurting others, teachers must stop using humors, instead, giving them lesson in serious tone to let them take seriousness about such a problem.

monamona 7 / 10  
Oct 4, 2011   #2
Your essay has introduction and body. If the last paragraph is your conclusion you have to start with To sum up, In conclusion, Toconclude or something like these. If the last paragraph is not conclusion you have to consider a conclusion for your essay.
Oct 5, 2011   #3
thank you for your advice. Are there any other question about the body of passage?

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