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Many Teachers assign homeworks to student everyday. Homework = Progress?

Jan 14, 2012   #1
Please correct my essay.

Many Teachers assign homeworks to student everyday. Do you think that daily homeworks is necessary for student? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

There are various ideas assigning homeworks to student. Each teacher has their own methods. Some people think that the homework is important but others think opposite side of it. From my point of view it is neccessary in student's life. The reason is that it helps to practise, worki independently and not to waste for useless activities. In this essay I will explain the reason of importance of homework in student's life.

Generally, i think the homework is the best way to practise the lesson which a teacher taught students at school. The teachers alwasy try to give their knowledge to students. However, the teachers would check how their students realise the lesson with the help of homework. For exaple, when a student does not do the homeworks, may be some important part of lesson was forgotten owing to not to practise, reread the lesson and do homeworks, it will be easier to recollect a lesson.

Secondly, the teachers give homeworks to students working and doing it independently without help of anyone. Furthemore, doing without assistance aids to improve, progress and strenghen their knowledge.

Thirdly, the homeworks help to students not to waste for useless activities such as playing games, using internetand going out with friends. For instance, if the students have free time they will try to do something not to be boring the whole day.

To sum up, giving the homework is the best way to progress the student's knowledge and it helps to do some activities to recollect, practise and work independently as i mentioned above. However, it helps to achieve their goal and wish in the are of knowledge.

You have lots of spelling mistakes and typos. Go through them with a spell checker ( found in MS Word also).
Your grammar is fine.
I think that the examples that you used have awkward phrasing (especially the first one).
Lastly, your points are not well elaborated. What is the word limit? A decent essay should at least have 5-6 sentences dedicated to a certain point.

Hope this helps :)
Jan 15, 2012   #3
Abed, I hope you don't mind me correcting you but a teacher is not an animal or thing, therefore I think you should prevent called them it-"each teacher has it's own methods"

I might be wrong but that is just my opinion
Jan 16, 2012   #4
Ha you know Russian! Me too! :) how did you know that I know Russian? was it my name?
Jan 24, 2012   #5
Yes you right I speak as you i suppose It is my second language i use it everyday and Alina is more Russian girls name and beautiful name too but your surname is a bit different
Jan 24, 2012   #6
Expand on your ideas and give specific examples. Besides the spelling and grammer mistakes, your essay definetly has potential. The word "however" is used a bit too much in the essay, try expanding your vocabulary.


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