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Teachers should be paid at least as much as doctors, lawyers or businessman

blablabla 1 / -  
Sep 2, 2016   #1
If one asks who is in the caregiver of a garden filling with flowers? It must be the teacher, the most respectful profession in the world. Everybody experienced the students' time and knew what the teachers were dedicated to us. And the issue regarding to the salary of teachers has been debated for a long time. In my opinion, I think teachers are supposed to be paid as much as, even much more than doctors, lawyers or businessmen.

Firstly, teaching students with a plenty of knowledge needs to well-rounded preparation, which is not less than other occasions. Before the class, teachers will collect the newest information from Internet, arrange every details of the class contents and rehearse the sequence of performance. My mom is a university teachers, every semester, she will first search more recent research or theory about her class, prepare the course content and show more up-to-date knowledge to her students. Even if the same class, she has taught for a lots of time, she still revises the class content constantly. What's more, she changes some pedagogical method toward her students. Because she believes that different teaching methods suit to different students, which can facilitate their learning to a variety extent.

Next, teachers must keep their eyes on every student's development all the time, devoting much more than other professions. As a teacher in primary school, secondary school or even kindergarten, teachers must pay their attention to keep the students' health and safe both in physical and mental. Playing with other friends at school may get rise to some injury with carelessness, which enable the students' may be in dangerous situation. In order to avoid such bad things, teachers must keep reminding students' constantly and watch their activities. There are also lots of troubles coming from family, study or interpersonal relationship, which happens frequently in students' life. And the teachers should detect and recognize students' emotion development and give more care and love to them. All of these cannot be reached by other occasions.

Last but not least, not only teaching knowledge, the more prominent achievement for a teacher is to cultivate student's personality and values, which cannot buy with money. When we were young, most of our time is spent in school. And people taught us most are our teachers. Their values, actions and personality toward the world, love and life have tremendous impact on our attitude toward the world. The most impressive teacher in my life is a charming man who taught us Chinese, the sentence he usually told to us that to be integrity and to be kindness no matter how the world changed. His words kept in my mind for so many years and was a principle for me to treat others. What he taught me cannot measure by money.

In conclusion, teachers' influence on people is much more than the doctors, lawyers or business man. The things they taught can be permanent through our whole life. Paying them as much as doctors, lawyers or businessmen is fair to what they devoted.
snowrussia95 3 / 4  
Oct 25, 2016   #2
If one ( someone) asks "who is in the caregiver ...
My mom is a ( an) university teachers (teacher)
both in (both in) physical and mental.
And people (Who) taught us most are our teachers
i hope it's useful

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