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The teaching approach: 'I recommend the teachers to be friendly'

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Feb 13, 2012   #1
Hi guys I expect at least 7 in IELTS writing...Please help me by assessing my essay..Any suggestions will be appreciated..

Topic: Some people believe that students work better if the teacher is strict; others think it is better for students, if the teacher has a friendly approach. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

The teaching approach is a vital factor in imparting lessons to the students. Some people argue for strict approach of teaching while some other for friendly approach. In my opinion, the friendly approach is more efficient than the strict one but it is necessary to be strict in certain cases if required.

First let's consider the strict approach of teaching. If the teacher becomes strict during teaching the students are always afraid of their faults. As a result, they do not dare to ask questions even if they do not understand any topic. This may distract the students from learning.The strict approach of teaching gives rise to frustration and in some cases unexpected incidents. Now I am sharing such an incident, I knew a boy who was a medical student. During first year of study he was doing bad in the tutorials because he could not understand the topics. He was frustrated at his performance. His teacher was very strict and rebuked him harshly. At this he frustrated so much that he committed suicide.

On the other hand, if teachers follow the friendly approach of teaching it is found that students become more attentive to their study.The friendly teachers are always able to motivate and convince their students. If he teachers are friendly no fear works on the students and they do not hesitate to ask any questions which make the classes interactive and enjoyable. Children are fond of imitating others and friendly behavior of the teachers helps them to mould their character which makes them friendly in their next life. When I was college student, I was weak in mathematics and I was afraid of it. But my teacher was very friendly; he always inspired me to work hard and solved my problems in a friendly manner. As a result I improved gradually and did well in the final exam.

However, there may have students who do not obey the rules and instructions of the teachers. In this circumstance, the teachers should try to convince them in a friendly approach but if it fails then they should be strict.

To recapitulate, I recommend the teachers to be friendly during teaching as it is proved to be more efficient than being strict.

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