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Teaching children to manage money and their meaning in life

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Nov 24, 2022   #1

money handling BY ADOLESCENS

There exist conflicting opinions about educating children about money handling in family. Some hold the view that kids are not mature enough to completely realize money's importance while others believe it is still of the essence for them to be equipped with money management skills in the formative years. From my perspective, I agree with the latter as long as suitable steps are taken.

To begin with, it is integral for children to learn to use money wisely. First off, there is no doubt that habits nurtured from an early age will accompany children for the remaining of their lives. Since formative years are the stage of life when kids obtain knowledge quickly and undergo cognitive development, it is apparent that children are more inquisitive and eager to explore new things. Therefore, when given parental guidance on using money, they tend to follow and remember better, which forms proper money management habits in the long run. Additionally, gaining financial understanding in childhood contributes to nourishing various vital qualities in children. This can be explained by the fact that should they be exposed to money, they can apprehend such hard work required to make that money. As a result, the chances are that they adopt gratitude towards their parents and become smart spendors in the future.

However, as mentioned, educating children about managing money bears fruit provided the methods are used properly. Parents should focus on teaching their offspring about the value of money by rewarding them with a small amount of money for their finished tasks. Conversely, such ways like making them tight with money should be avoided since they can turn children into miserly and materialistic ones.

In conclusion, for the aforementioned arguments, it is essential for parents to equip their offspring with money management skills but with proper methods.
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Nov 25, 2022   #2
The essay is definitely strong on the reasoning side. The writer fully explains his theory regarding teaching children about money management. The discussion is lacking development though since it does not provide any evidence to prove the theories and ideas of the writer. A review of the writing task will show that the writer is being asked to present examples to help illustrate his reasoning. So the essay is only half developed at this point. It cannot be given full C+C scores because of the lack of supporting discussion for the point of view provided.

The conclusion is faulty as well since it neither presents 40 words representative of a summary conclusion. There should be at least 2 or 3 sentences that repeat the topic, the writer's opinion, and his supporting statement. While it may receive good LR and GRA marks, the missing elements as described above will prevent it from getting a passing score or gaining a grade higher than the lowest possible passing score.

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