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IELTS TASK 2: teaching method with a teacher and students in a classroom will not exist

Anfalia 40 / 56 23  
Feb 6, 2015   #1
Some people say that teaching method with a teacher and students in a classroom will not exist by the year 2050. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Modern technology has totally changed remarkably through our approach to study. For this case, some people argue that situation in classroom which teacher teaching students extensively will not implement anymore over 2050. However, I am personally convinced that formal situation between teacher and students encourage positively to the effectiveness of successful learning.

These days, technological advanced renders the various teaching methodology. For pragmatic instance, some American students have the new way of study. It is "online video teaching". This method refers to students who enable to study with their teacher by video online for several hours. As a consequence, a novel teaching methodology tends to create informal learning process.

Conversely, the majority of students are more likely to acquire easily and understand some materials properly by meeting their teachers directly. What they benefit from this learning process is a discussion time among students, teachers, and their friends. To exemplify, teachers give students a debate topic, and they automatically will share with their friends about what they have in their mind related to the topic. Admittedly, this learning process builds a cognitive linguistic ability among students to have critical thinking.

Personally, teaching method afford several merits for personal students. To begin with, students are able to exploit their available amount of time to study with both their friends and teachers. As an obvious example, when students have time-consuming homework or materials, they enable to address a question through their teachers or friends. This pattern cannot be found on the internet or E-book. Again, teaching method renders students to require their broad knowledge of lessons and teaching methods given by teachers. It may be predicted to be used for their further next.

In conclusion, teaching methodology is expected to be broad as the development of technology and analytical brilliant mind which personally individualists have, and it will affect to the existence of teaching learning process. What should education stakeholders react for this phenomenon is incline the quality of teachers to create the expert one and ask students to have more discussion with their friends so as to do not spend their time on the internet.
Vns9x 102 / 236 16  
Feb 6, 2015   #2
tends to create an informal learning process. is to incline the quality .is incline the quality. this sentence is perplexing!

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