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IELTS Task 2 - Teaching Situation in Classroom No Longer Exist by 2050 (Education)

karennnn 1 / -  
Jul 7, 2017   #1
The teaching situation of teacher and students in a classroom will no longer be exist by the year 2050.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

a threat for classroom existence?

It is considered by some that the teaching and learning environment of teachers and pupils in a room in reality will disappear before 2050. In my opinion, I do not agree that there will no longer be any learning interactions between the two group of people in the real world, but the virtual classroom may somehow replace the functions of a physical classroom.

Firstly, technology becoming more advanced may be the main reason leading to the disappearance of teachers teaching in a classroom. The invention of different communication applications favours the exchange of ideas online, through the Internet in any place at any time, which lowers the importance and uniqueness of a real classroom. In other words, applications like Skype, Facetime or even other teaching and learning websites can link up teachers and students conveniently, allowing them to meet and interact at their homes or offices, without needing them to gather together at the same place.

However, the importance of the existence of classrooms cannot be ignored, as they provide a platform for people to socialise and learn to get along with others, which this cannot be fulfilled and replaced by online learning sites or lesson videos. Teachers are not only teaching what are told in textbooks, but also the manners and communication skills which are essential to students. To illustrate, students are learning to respect teachers and classmates when having regular face-to-face lessons in the classroom. Such vital skills required as an individual living in the society ensure the stable and unreplaceable position of real classroom.

In conclusion, classrooms will still exist for a long time in the next few centuries as places for teachers to teach and students to learn, since new popular learning methods, in particular the commonly used of the Internet, can only take up part of the functions of classrooms.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,876 3553  
Jul 7, 2017   #2
Karen, it would be best if you followed the proper manner of stating an agreement or disagreement with the given statement in a clear manner. In this instance, the best way to have presented your disagreement with the statement would have been to say the following: "I disagree with the statement that teachers and students will no longer exist in a classroom setting by the year 2050 to a certain extent. My belief is based upon several reasons that I will be discussing in the succeeding paragraphs."

It is important that you clearly state a degree of disagreement with the statement so that the outline section of your essay will be complete and accurate in its representation of the paraphrased prompt. By clearly stating that you disagree to a certain extent, you prepare the reader for the line of reasoning that you will be presenting in the forthcoming paragraphs. I have no problems with the line of reasoning that you state in paragraphs 2-3. However, the concluding statement contains a new set of discussion information that you should not have included there. That is because the concluding statement should have merely wrapped up the essay by saying; " It is for the aforementioned reasons that I believe the classroom will not be obsolete by the year 2050. New forms of classroom education will take its place in order to create a more effective manner of teaching in the 21st century. To be precise, classrooms will evolve into technology based, video conferencing style classrooms at that point in time, using technology to take the place of the physical classroom instead."

The conclusion should only summarize the important points of discussion in your essay as a recap of the discussion. This is to show that you are capable of paraphrasing not only the given statement, but also information that you provided personally for the essay. This will help to increase your final score because you can display your English thinking, comprehension, and writing skills to a greater degree.

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