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An essay on teaching someone to ride a tricyle

Parimala 1 / -  
Sep 2, 2011   #1
For most children, a tricycle is a first step in learning to ride. I still remember those days where I thought my son to ride a tricycle. Children start to learn riding a bike even before they start learning to walk. It is just a tactics of learning steering and pedaling. My son took few days to be adjusted to his tricycle.

Firstly, I started to teach him to wear a helmet, He was little fussy to wear the helmet as it is not practiced in our place. Chocolates came for my rescue. Some how pacified him to wear the helmet and go on.

Next step was running behind him. I had to hold his shoulders and slowly made him pedal the cycle. Whenever I used to push his bike, he used to pedal. He was not at all confident in riding all by himself.

I always had an opportunity to play with my son. He enjoyed every ride on his bike. I could see the glee in his face. May be, he used to think that like other children am having fun riding a bike. This learning process went on for a couple of weeks and weeks to a month. One fine day, my son took out his bike, started pedaling, and shouted in excitement- Hey mom, check out am able to ride the cycle all by myself. To my surprise, he was riding the cycle. I immediately called his father and narrated as what he did today. His father got him goodies for all his hard work.

It has been a hard way to teach him, however I enjoyed every moment of it.

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