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The technological progress and globalization influence positively to human's life (with exceptions)

hidzikatat 1 / -  
Jun 6, 2017   #1

Life today is easier and more comfortable

Life today is easier and more comfortable because of technological progress and globalization. Technological progress involved nearly all aspects of daily life: phones and internet are making communication easier; washing machines and dishwashers are helping in household; cars, trains, planes and ships are useful in traveling. Globalization makes communication easier by using the same language and it took's the same product on global market that makes this product cheaper.

On other hand technological progress has already caused rising pollution's level and some of research results are used on battlefield. Globalization also has some disadvantages such as destroying human's individuality and it also brings some local businesses to bankruptcy.

In conclusion we can say that today life is easier, but it also has disadvantages.

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Thank you for helping!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,531 3447  
Jun 6, 2017   #2
Nickoloz, when you write these essays, make sure to always use the present tense because you are speaking of something that is ongoing and continually changing. Hence the need to say "involves" instead of "involved", "make" instead of "making", "communicating" rather than "communication". Be careful with your plurality as well. That means "washing machines" and "dishwashers" signify plural form so the description should also be plural for "households". When you start in plural form, end in plural form. In the sentence about globalization, say "it took" not "it took's" The apostrophe S is wrong in this instance as the word does not connote ownership. A point of correction as well: "... it took the product to a global market which made the product cheaper". That whole sentence should be in past tense because it speaks of something that already happened.

With regards to the second paragraph, the correct term is "On THE other hand..." Along with that, you should say; "rising pollution levels". The word pollution is the same in singular and plural form. You should also use the singular form and say "human individuality" since you used a singular description "individuality" in the sentence. You forgot to use a comma after the term "conclusion" in your final sentence. The comma is used to signify a pause in the reading, which makes it easier to understand what you have to say.

Don't get me wrong, you did some pretty good writing here. The mistakes you made are easily caught and won't really affect the final score of your statement. Your message is understandable and shows an impressive command of the English language and sentence development just the same.
iisernaw 1 / 2  
Jun 7, 2017   #3
There are some rules using apostrophe ('s) in English such as possessive form (e.g. the bird's cage) and plural writing, specifically on number or letter (e.g. I got A's for History test)

it took's the same product = it took the same product
pollution's level = pollution level

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