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Technology is affecting family relationships in many ways. What are advantages/disadvantages?

Linh Luong 1 / -  
Aug 8, 2022   #1

Technology is affecting family relationships in many ways

In this day and age, the development of technology is believed to have numerous consequences on the interaction of family members. This development has both pros and cons, whereas the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits.

To begin with, there are probably a couple of reasons why technology benefits family relationships. Firstly, family members can easily contact others whenever they are far away from each other. Almost everyone, even children and the elderly people, have their own phones with various applications installed so they can call or text other members effortlessly. For example, a student goes to the university far away from his town, when he misses his parents he can have a video call with them by using social media on his phone. Secondly, people can use technology as a tool for retaining some remarkable memories. As aforementioned, everyone has their own mobile phones so it is possible to take pictures, videos. These memorable images can be shared with family members, this is a good way for a family to bond together. Thus, technology has improved relationships in some ways.

On the contrary, disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. Firstly, due to technology, face-to-face conservation seems to be less effective among the members in a family. Due to the Internet, people can make many new friends online; however, they spend so much time on social media that they don't have time for relatives. Secondly, there are some differences between the young and the elderly's favorable trends. Young people often care about funny things shared on Tik Tok, etc... while the elderly people are attracted to something more different. For example, young people love to post the memes on instagram, twitter... but our grandparents are more likely to read more online news. Because of these contrast favors, the young and the old don't usually have some common topic to share with each other. Last but not least, technology is way more common with young people; therefore the young can fastly learn some bad trends that affect their regular behavior. Adults may not appreciate these kinds of attitudes, this leads to depreciated behavior and even arguments between parents and their children.

To sum up, the evolution of technology has brought us some good effects on our relationships; however, there is no doubt that it also badly affects human's interaction.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,209 4317  
Aug 9, 2022   #2
The writer should refrain from presenting a personal opinion within an advantage or disadvantage prompt presentation. That is because the writer is not being asked to support one side of the discussion. This is a general discussion type that only requires the writer's interpretation of each side of the discussion. He must be unbiased in his discussion.

It must be pointed out however that the writer neither presented correct prompt restatement or writer's opinion. He cannot change the discussion from advantage and disadvantage to pros and cons or benefits or drawbacks. These are separate prompt discussion types that are required for specific essay types. He cannot mix the prompt instructions into a single presentation. His presentation should specifically present one advantage and one disadvantage topic to produce a discussion outline for the examiner.

The word "probably" can never factor into a task 2 discussion. The writer must come across as knowledgeable and authoritative of the topic presented as these uncertain references weaken the cohesiveness of his discussion. His second paragraph is a clear depiction of a biased writer's opinion, which runs counter to the original discussion instruction.It is because of these continued discussion alterations that the essay cannot pass the test. The writer proves to be unable to follow the correct response format for the essay due to his confusion regarding the actual prompt discussion requirement.

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