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About Technology Effect

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Mar 3, 2014   #1
" Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology."
" In what ways has technology affected the types of relationship people make? "
" Has this become a positive or negative development ? "

In the past, fewer people could have imagined that the internet would impact us so greatly. Even now , people are beginning to realize that its potential. In this short period of decade, our society has dramatically changed by modern technology, whether in shopping , media or business have a greatly difference. When weighing the pros an the cons, it is clear that its may have some drawback to our society and individuals, but the positive clearly outweigh them.

First of all , it is obvious that online world has make our lives infinitely more convenient. We sending a letter is as easy as typing and pressing "send" ; We can compare prices and shop with the click of a mouse, and without ever leaving the comfort of our home. Now more and more people can work remotely and thus spend more quality times with their family and friends.

Despite many obvious benefits of internet, it is not without its problems. It brought a lots of negative factors like cyber crimes. For example , ID theft , credit card fraud have a negative impact to our society. Moreover , the absence of boundaries of the world, through technology could create harmful to the people. For instance , children can watching pornography easily, and it has also led to people to social isolation, and they are even living in a virtual world.

From what has been discussed above , we may safely draw the conclusion that we should harness the potential of new technology that make our life more convenience. Meanwhile we need to be more careful in the way we use it. Only by doing , I believe we can find a way to let internet be shaped by our lives and not vice versa.

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