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TOEFL - Technology inspires children's creativity instead of weakening it.

chxz1020 5 / 14  
Aug 30, 2011   #1
Agree or disagree:Technology has made children less creative than they were in the past.

Technology accelerates human's evolving pace. With advanced technology, many things that seemed impossible in the past, have become realities. For example, people in the past never dreamed of talking to anyone whenever they wanted or see someone overseas on a computer screen, both of these can be achieved with cellphone and internet. However, some people point that technology has made children less creative. I don't deny that technology may have some negative effects on children, but I think technology makes children even more creative.

First, technology inspires children to create new things. Children are curious about everything around them, so when they come across a high-tech product like a cellphone, they will be obsessed with its mysterious functions and eager to know how it works. For example, Bill Gates was attracted by the original huge computer, then he did everything he could to understand how it worked. After he had figured out all the stuff, he then began to promote the computer. In the end, he successfully invented a computer that was easy to use and lightweight. Therefore, instead of interfering children's creativity, technology actually encourages children to learn and to create.

Second, technology widen children's knowledge. In the past, children were only able to see things from one perspective. However, with highly advanced technology, chikdren are able to get information from foreign countries and even communicate with foreign friends. Therefore, they will be able to learn about different cultures and different ways of thinking. Knowledge is the base of creativity. The diverse knowledge that children gained from different parts of the world, inspires children and encourage them to create new things.

Admittedly, technology may have negative effects on children. Technology has made life too easy for most children. In comfortable conditions, children may be satisfied with the world around them and refuse to make a change. Nonetheless, with the development of technology, increasingly more young people become obessed with high-tech products. They kept researching new technology and became successful at a very young age.

All in all, in general, technology inspires children's creativity instead of weakening it.
yc9055 2 / 3  
Aug 31, 2011   #2
1. With the advancing technology, many things, which seemed impossible in the past, have come to realities.
2. people in the past would never dreamed of...
3. now, with the help of cellphone and internet, both of these can be achieved.
4. some people pointed out that...
abc1400 17 / 32  
Sep 1, 2011   #3
Although It is a very good essay and you write 350 words. I think your conclusion is too small in compare with other paragraphes.
OP chxz1020 5 / 14  
Sep 1, 2011   #4
Thanks so much for your help~~~
carolyn1219 2 / 3  
Sep 1, 2011   #5
I think your essay is pretty good. I also write about the same subject, I will post on forum later.
But I suggest that your last paragraph should briefly summarize the point you mention above.
OP chxz1020 5 / 14  
Sep 2, 2011   #6
yeah~~thank you~~I'll improve my last paragraph~

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