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Technology makes our life to be more convenient and colorful, brings lots of benefits to children

carolyn1219 2 / 3  
Sep 1, 2011   #1
Technology is used for improving our life not destorying them. How some people may concern about it has made children less creative than they were in the past. Actually, it provide a better way for them to communicate with others and exchange their precious ideas.

The most popular and widely technology we used today is computer.Even though there is no doubt that computer has some disadvantages towards children, but it stil has more benefits than its harm. Therefore, it apparently seems that the importance for parents to teach their children how to make good use of computers. As using the searching engine google and wikipeid, it can lead them to the information they need in no time and considerably broaden their horizon. As a result, making good use of the technology can inspire the children to be more creative.

Part of the reason that we are highly developed today is because that we can share our ideas easily than we used to be. Compared with hundreds years ago when we didn't have any electricity or telephone, even with talented children who have lots of ideas, they had to write to their teacher or friends by mail which took longer time than we use the modern technology to text or call them. Thus the technology brings an efficient and convenient way for children to become more creative.

Apart from above, technology changes the teaching method. We can not only studying at home freely by the website which contains lots of videos about different courses, but also exchange our ideas or find out problems when we met during the studying.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that technology makes our life to be more convenient and colorful. As well as it brings lots of benefits to children to be more creative than we were in the past.

Wish you guys give me some good ideas :)

tanv - / 2  
Sep 1, 2011   #2
Hi... .Can u guys please grade my essay

Do you think ease does not challenge us and adversity helps us to discover who we are?

Adversity and hardships are what help us to discover who we are.An individual can only pass tenuous claims about his strengths and weaknesses if he/she has not gone through the conventional route or hardships and challenges. In such cases people tend to deceive themselves the most.One may definitely choose ease over hard work as that's the natural human tendency however in today's scenario demands the survival of the fittest.

A very basic example can be our schools.All students are required to write tests in various subjects like maths, science,English etc.Also they are competing with each other at the same time for a good rank.How can a student explore his/her weaknesses and strengths on these subjects and take decisions of their higher education without writing a test?Also, adversity provides a regular motivation to progress in the student's thinking and working progress.

Celebrities like Rihanna ,Akon who have started from a humble background have reached to such heights only due to consistent hard work and adversity.Both of these who are extremely successful started from being an ordinary baby-sitter and convicted respectively with no kind of patronage provided.While the path of ease would have been much smoother they all have chosen hardships and hence are reaping the fruits of their success.

In today's highly competitive world adversity and hardships easy supplant ease.In my opinion its actually a matter of choices for an individual though either way hardships cannot be precluded as with ease comes the great hardship of having satisfaction.This unfortunately doesn't exist much today.However,adversity and hardships make us stronger,more aware about our self and give our thinking and life a much wider horizon whereas ease only adheres to mediocrity.
OP carolyn1219 2 / 3  
Sep 1, 2011   #3
Thanks for your advice. My grammar is not good. Do you know how to improve it ?
beepro21 15 / 22  
Sep 8, 2011   #4
Practice makes perfect. I think you should do some grammar exercises and practice writing skills more. You can rewrite the 2nd draft or even the 3rd draft and ask others to check them.

Hope that helps!

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