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Nowadays, technology and social media is the fourth need of people after food, shelter and clothes

saketnisarg 1 / -  
Nov 23, 2014   #1
Q:-Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology.
In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make?
Has this become a positive or negative development?

In 21st century technology and social media is the fourth need of people after food, shelter and clothes. Technology has created an undoubtable impact on social life of most of the people around the world. It has caused to change the way of interaction of people with each other. Many people are contacting the friends they have lost contact with and technology is helping people to stay in touch of relatives, family and other important people in their life. The two points are discussed below.

Firstly, Social media which is being most popular these days. It is making the search of the person easy people have lost the contact with. For an example, Two days ago there was a news in Times of India, telling that one boy named Ahmed found his lost friend Anita with the help of Facebook-A social networking site. Thus it proves that the new way of interaction is helping people to rebuild the old relations.

Secondly, with the help of new technology in the modern lifestyle, people are contacting others more frequently. Example here is the student who goes to complete his studies in foreign countries can easily contact with friends and family with the help of internet and new software like Skype, Team viewer which provides facilities of video calling for free. Hence even after staying far away from family he stays in contact with them. It confirms that the technology is helping the people maintain their relations.

After analysing the above points it is understood that technology is helping people to rebuild the old contacts and maintain the relationships along with regular people without getting affected by distance. Thus it can be concluded that technology has become a positive development for the society.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 23, 2014   #2
Nisarg, you need to review the content of your essay. While you wrote a very good essay, it does not fully respond to the prompt because you failed to properly represent and discuss the positive and negative impact of technology upon the relationships of people and the effect that technology has on the relationships of people. Your essay title is good, addressing the fact that technology has now become the 4th basic need of people. Yet somehow, you failed to properly discuss the background of the title in relation to the prompts.

For example, for the prompt asking about how technology has affected the relationships people make, I would present the positive and the negative as follows.

1. Technology like Facebook and Twitter have allowed relatives and friends to stay in touch even if they move to other parts of the world.
2. There are many criminal acts that now take place because of casual acquaintances made through the same mediums. Often resulting in murder and hate crimes.

When it comes to discussing the positive development, explain how technology has allowed people to make friends in a global world. Time differences and vast locations no longer matter when making friends and keeping those friendships alive. The negative, is that people tend to use the anonymity of the internet to do harm to others as proven by the rising cases of online bullying.

Those are just some ideas that I think you could better play around with in order to create a more solid and well discussed essay :-) Localizing the content of your essay by mentioning some events that are only known to the people of India limits the effectiveness of your statements as not all your readers can relate to what you are saying.

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