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Teenagers between the ages thirteen to nineteen should not be allowed to date.

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Jun 18, 2008   #1
Teenagers between the ages thirteen to nineteen should not be dating. In their decisions of dating should have considered importantly before dating. If teenagers were to date, there will be involved in an early maturity period and face many problems, such as the positive and negative impacts, the responsibility and burden might lead to, and the development of social maturity consists in early adulthood. For many teenagers dating is a habit of love and friendship, it's normal to have, but it's dangerous if you did not listen to your parent's guidance. In fact, teenagers are too young to struggle around for a relationship or starts dating with another person.

The positive and negative impacts are more frequently happens to teenagers today in dating. In dating with another person involves social participation and mature experiences. At first, dating can be very joyful and an attempt of new love, then possible of premarital sex in love and hanging out may result of drug and alcohol use. The facts are it will affect teenagers' health in negative ways. Alcohol can cause extreme emotion, meaning the way of physical acting, and drug can cause depression of the brain, which will lower school grades. In comparison, there are more negative impacts rather than positive.

Dating in teenager might result in unnecessary responsibilities and burdens. It is evident that teenager starts to date with a mate in high school and starts more dating after the first one; the consequences are there will be a time to stop or go on. For example if you were to choose to go on, then you will be developing a further relationship with each other. Afterward, occur of sex and family issues will soon happen. For instance, many sixteen years old teenagers today started their own family and drop out of high school to become a full time employee.

The early adulthood is always interacting with the development of social maturity; it is when dating becomes relationship. First love is the first step toward social maturity. The second step is when relationship becomes great responsibilities. The third step is making a living in this crucial world. These are the several development levels of social maturity in early adulthood. In real life, teenagers might not be aware of them.

For most of our teenagers, we are not aware of the decisions we make and the consequences. Sometimes our parent's guidance can be helpful or otherwise we will be involved in situations of facing early maturities where we cannot maintain ourselves. In every aspect views of "Teenager Dating" between the ages of thirteen to nineteen years old is defiantly too young to start a date. Above all, teenagers should not be allowed to date.

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